Do American Bulldogs Have Webbed Feet? [The Hidden Truth]

American bulldogs have webbed feet

Have you ever wondered if American Bulldogs have webbed feet? This is a common question that many people ask me, so I decided to do some research on the topic.

So, do American Bulldogs have webbed feet?

The answer is yes! However, their webbed feet are much smaller than those of water breeds. Dogs have thin membranes between their toes, which are collectively called “webbed feet.” This feature helps them to swim, walk, maintain stability, dig, and especially during the winter.

As a responsible American Bulldog owner, it’s crucial to be aware of this unique feature and its benefits. By understanding your furry friend’s webbed feet, you can ensure that they have a happy and healthy life filled with plenty of walks, playtime, and outdoor activities.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of American Bulldogs’ webbed feet and how you can use this feature to improve their overall well-being. By following the right approach and taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure that your furry friend has a long and healthy life. So, let’s dive into the world of American Bulldogs and their webbed feet!

American bulldogs’ webbed feet are extremely beneficial for walking.

American bulldogs have webbed feet

The American Bulldog has served people in many ways in the past. Their original purpose was to protect farms and protect personal and property.

In fact, they have used to handle large animals like hogs and cattle.

Their one of the jobs was catch and hold rough cattle, including bad Brahma bull for their owners.

Furthermore, they served as farm protectors against thieves and feral people.

But when we consider the modern American bulldogs commonly doing a great job as family and property protection dog. Some people keep them for hunting.

It help to walk above different kind of surfaces

So, as you understood, mostly they are keeping on farms and homes. So farm dogs have to walk above different kinds of surfaces.

Commonly we can see muddy and slippy areas in farms.

So, when we consider their body shape, walking above such surfaces can be a little bit difficult for them unless they have webbed feet.

I know that’s so tiny. But even having at least that much is so beneficial for them.

So, they can walk above those surfaces without sinking or falling with the help of webbed feet.

So let’s understand what is happening to their paws when walk above such surfaces.

In these cases, there paw pads are getting wider by spreading the toes. As a result, they received wide pads and which act as a grip at that point.

In fact, these wider pads give them more surface area to maintain the stability of their muscular, Strong, well built, sturdy-looking body without falling or sinking.

But don’t be mistaken. The nature didn’t give them a good webbing as other average dog breeds.

So, obviously the ability to walk above those surfaces are much worse than other dogs.

American bulldogs’ webbed feet are much helpful during the winter

As humans, we cannot walk through the snow without sinking. Obliviously we need snow boots to walk through the snow. The same principle applies to dogs.

Furthermore, American Bulldogs webbed toes are much helpful to navigate through the snow. They have a round-shaped and substantial body.

Unless they have considerable webbing between their toes, it can be such a difficult task for them.

Same as above, these webbings become wider pads. So it can function somewhat like human snow boots.

As I mentioned above, those abilities I have discussed here are much worst than water breeds. Because they have good webbed feet.


let’s say you went out with your American bulldog during the winter. Once you returned home, check whether it has snow inside their webbings by spreading out their toes. if so, clean them because it’s extremely painful for them.

So how to avoid that?

I suggest you to buy dog snow boots and it will be so comfortable for them.

American bulldogs’ webbed feet are much helpful for swimming.

Here you have to understand one small thing. Each dog has to swim at some points in their life.

Honestly, they are not good swimmers. But their webbed feet are doing a much greater job to navigate through the water.

Unless American bulldogs have webbed paws, they will sink into the water because of their body shape.

But with the positive reinforcement, consistency, perseverance, patience, and with good the training American bulldogs will become more talented swimmers more than other average dogs.

With the positive reinforcement, consistency, perseverance, patience, and with good the training American bulldogs will become more talented swimmers more than other average dogs.

Dog Breeds Experts

But don’t be mistaken, they will never become talented swimmers like water breeds such as Newfoundlands, Labrador retrievers, etc.

So, It’s better to start training sessions for swimming since their puppyhood. But if you have an adult American bulldog,

Don’t worry. you can train him as well. But it might consume little bit more time.

These dogs have an intensive amount of energy. So they require strenuous exercises on a daily basis.

But you might don’t have enough time to reserve for those kinds of exercises.

But try to go hikes or long walks at least twice per week other than daily small exercises. During those days, try to find a shallow water way which is not depth more than one third of your dog.

Here you have to cross the water way without giving a hand to your dog. Often he will find a way to reach you. So in this way, he can overcome the fear of water.

See, they can swim well

Then, I recommend you to buy a dog water pool which you can play with him. Otherwise, take him every time you swim.

But don’t throw him into the water all of a sudden. Get him into the water by giving a small weight upwards and here the American bulldogs will start to paddle using their webbed feet.

In fact, give a gently help to keep their face above the water surface. Do these things over and over. Remember consistency is the key to success. Eventually, he will become good at swimming.

Consistency is the key to success

Dog Breeds Experts

But they cannot swim for a long time. So don’t forget to put on a dog life jacket when both of you are swimming outdoors in a deep water spot.

What if your American bulldogs don’t have webbed feet.

Actually, it’s no need to worry if your American bulldogs don’t have webbed feet. Because if they are grown, probably they have get used to it.

But in some cases, you have to worry about it.

Because if you keep them for protecting your farm similar kind of purposes, they really need webbed feet as we discussed above.

So, if you going to buy a new American bulldog for that kind of needs, it’s mandatory to check their feet.

On the other hand, if you keep them as domestic pets, expect extra protection, you don’t have to worry about their feet.

Because they are muscular and more energetic, so no need webbed feet to protect your home.

american bulldogs webbed feet

But if your American bulldogs are purebred, they should have webbed feet. Today’s people tend to breed dogs as they wish. As a result, breeding can be distorted with time.

Some of them haven’t webbed feet while some have full webbing like water breeds.

Finally, don’t worry if your dog doesn’t have webbed feet. But if you wanna make sure to check if it has some kind of problem, go and meet a vet and check whether everything is okay.

So, if you are willing to buy a new dog, you need to consider a lot of things. And also, you need to find a purebred American Bulldog.

How to find purebred American bulldog?

If you need to find a purebred dog, it’s mandatory to being aware of this breed’s temperament.

Males height22-27 inches
Female height20-25 inches
Males weight70-150 lbs
Females weight60-120 lbs
Coat colorwhite, brindle, fawn, Brown, Red
MuzzleThick and broad
Teeth42 set, evenly spaced, white, large
Nose appearancewide, large, open nostrils
Nose colorBlack, shaded brown and shaded red
Eye appearancemedium size, well apart from each other, round
Eye colorDark brown
Coat natureshort and harsh and smooth.
Feet American bulldogs have webbed feet
Head size Large and broad
Bodymuscular, Strong, well built, sturdy-looking

Examine their head

The American bulldogs have broad and large heads. obviously the impression of their head is indicating their endless power.

So understand, just looking at their webbed is not enough to identify purebred American bulldogs

When we consider their skull, we can identify the following characteristics.

  • Broad between ears
  • Flat
  • Deep
  • Large
  • Flat

You will see somewhat square shaped skull from the the top point of view.

Especially American bulldogs have medium size webbed feet. Which means it’s not grown as water breeds’ have.


Most people love American bulldogs. So they love to gather information about them. So it’s pretty normal to have a problem like “Do American bulldogs have webbed feet?”. We have discussed pretty much everything through this article. You can see a quick overview below.

  • Introduction
  • American bulldogs’ webbed toes are extremely beneficial for walking.
  • American bulldogs’ webbed paws are much helpful for swimming.
  • What if your American bulldog doesn’t have webbed feet.
  • How to find purebred American bulldog?

So, which one do you like most among American bulldog and Pitbull?

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