Why Do Some Dogs Not Poop After Vacations? [Full Guide]

Pooping can be considered the number one issue for dogs during post vacations. But have you given it a thought about your dog not pooping after a vacay?

Dogs don’t poop after vacation due to routine changes, changes in diet, new acquaintances, climate and surrounding changes, constipation, and stress. Giving him a proper diet, making him active, providing liquids to hydrate, and getting the help of a vet can simply address the issue.

There is no point in worrying if you continue reading the article. Let’s make it clear and done with several solutions.

Why do dogs not poop after vacations?

As a dog parent, you know the drill with the matter of poop. You struggle a lot when training them with a proper potty schedule. But, in subjects such as traveling, you have to bear the trouble with deep consideration.

Things can worsen after returning home from a vacation that you enjoyed to the fullest with your doggy.

You will quickly notice when something is off regarding their poop schedule and discover why.

There can be several common reasons for your doggy not to poop after a vacation, and determining the causes before going on with treatments is crucial.

Some of the reasons might sound simple, but it is not from your doggy’s point of view. So, be careful and attentive when coming to conclusions.

1. A change in the routine.

Going on a trio and returning home is a complete change for us humans. Suppose what effect it causes for your doggy then. It is a complete upside down for a doggy fellow, resulting in poop issues.

Dogs are over-sensitive to changes in their lifestyle. If it is disrupted, they might refuse to poop.

After returning home, the doggy might stay without doing the job 2 because of the rushed mindset caused during the vacation.

2. Changes in diet.

When you take your doggy on vacation, you should prioritize their food. Because even a slight change in their diet can lead them to stay without pooping after coming home as well.

Sometimes, during the vacation, your doggy might consume some new food items and treats, resulting in their poop schedule.

So, in such instances, the doggy fellow might not poop even after returning home as the digestive problem can still be there in the stomach.

3. New acquaintances.

Dogs meet new human friends or animal friends when traveling. But, the truth is that they are not ‘friends’ as they might be complete strangers to your doggy.

In such instances, when they return home, they might sometimes have the stress caused by those strangers they met on vacation. As a result, they do not tend to poop, supposing that the strangers are still there somewhere in their homes.

Be careful when introducing or exposing your doggy fellow to a new friend since they can be complete strangers to your doggy.

4. Climatic changes.

Doggy friends are so sensitive toward climatic changes. They might experience different climatic zones and quick changes when going for a vacation.

Then they hesitate to go for the number 2 job during the vacation and after the vacation. The problem will continue after you return home as well.

Because your doggy might think that they are still not prepared to do the job as they experience a different climate from the whole vacation.

So, climatic changes matter a lot for dogs on poop.

5. Changes in surroundings.

Well, the surrounding factor makes doggies distracted in the procedure of pooping.

When you return home after a vacation, it is a quick change in surroundings for your doggy even though it does not affect us as an issue.

The quick changes in surroundings lead dogs to stay without pooping for days.

6. Constipation.

Constipation can cause dogs at any time. It can be during a vacation or after a vacation. But, constipation is no fun at all.

It is painful and also causes stress for your little doggy fellow. If not treated, it can develop up to a red zone which is more dangerous for your doggy’s life.

Constipation can be easily diagnosed, and if you treat and attend well with the help of a vet, it can be cured.

7. Stress.

Stress can be cited as one of the primary reasons for a doggy fellow to stay without pooping.

It can be easily identified if you paid a close observation of him. No matter what the cause for stress, they might just hold their business, fabricating different mind pictures since they have become stressed.

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What should you do if your dog is not pooping after vacations?

I know you are really worried about facing such an uncomfortable situation with your doggy. It is unbearable to watch your little poor fellow suffering because of poop issues.

Do not worry anymore. You can try the below-mentioned tips and tricks, and if they are not working, the best thing to do is take your little doggy to a vet.

1. A proper diet.

Feeding your doggy a proper diet with more fiber and fluids is a good solution for the issue of not pooping after vacation.

You can start with pumpkin or fig, which most doggies enjoy. They can treat both constipation and diarrhea.

Having a balanced diet full of nutrition is a must for a doggy to maintain a good health condition and helps to get through poop issues.

2. Get active.

Having enough exercise or workouts per day is very important in solving the issue of not pooping after a vacation.

Make sure that your doggy is well active and strong enough to overcome the problem.

Regular walks can help activate their digestive system, positively improving their poop schedule.

3. Re-establish the routine.

After a vacation, a doggo’s routine can be completely distracted.

So if you can take him back on track with day-to-day activities which he used to perform before the vacation, you can make him overcome the problem of not pooping.

4. Hydrate properly.

Make sure that your doggy’s water bowls are always full, as water can perform a great deal regarding poop issues.

Make him hydrate properly and help him in the job.

5. Take to the vet.

If any of the above methods do not work with your poor doggy, take him immediately to the vet and start treatments.

How do you avoid such problems after future vacations?

You have to be very attentive and careful when taking your doggy on vacation because of the issues mentioned above.

Most importantly, you should be a responsible dog parent regarding sensitive issues like bowel movements of your doggy. So, when going on future vacations, you can avoid causing above explained conditions by following these:

1. Take healthy food.

Be careful when selecting food items for your doggy when going on a vacation.

Do not take hard food items which are hard to digest, and make sure to bring food items that contain more fiber.

2. Do not make the dog rush.

It is better to let him be for the whole vacation without disturbing them to identify and be friendly with new humans or animals.

3. Do not make him stressed.

Avoid taking your doggy to places where he becomes more stressed during the vacation.

Do not force him to do anything and just let him be.

4. Take walks.

When you are on vacation, make sure to continue the regular routine of your doggy as it will be beneficial when they return home in the number 2 job.

Most importantly, no matter what, do not ever scold him or punish him for not pooping. Instead, carefully attend to them and see what you can do with love and care.

Doggos are really sensible creatures, and that is why you should be very careful when attending to their issues. Especially the problems with pooping.

Things to be aware of.

Be careful when selecting the area for the vacation, and make sure it is friendly for your doggy.

Try your best to feed them with wet dog food during and after a vacation.

Be patient and attend carefully to their problem.

If the conditions are critical, take him to the vet.


Being a responsible dog parent is not easy and cannot be performed by everyone. Suppose now you got a clear answer for the problem of your dog not pooping after a vacation.

You can try the methods mentioned above and be kind and loving since your little doggy fellow is in a stage where your help is the only solution.

Cheers until next time!