Do Shih Tzus Get Attached To One Person? [Owner’s Guide]

Do Shih Tzus get attached to one person?

Hey there, Shih Tzu lovers! Have you ever wondered why your furry friend is so attached to that one special person in their life? Or maybe you’re curious if Shih Tzus can actually form a permanent attachment to one person? Well, we’re here to clear things up for you and lay it out nice and clearly.

Here’s the deal – many Shih Tzus form a strong bond with the person who feeds them, spends the most time with them, provides obedience training, treats, affection, and exercises. They show their love and devotion through leaning, following, cuddling, bringing their favorite toys, tail wagging, nosing, eye contact, jumping, and licking. It’s just about the cutest thing in the world, right?

But, it’s important to evaluate all the facts when it comes to this kind of behavior. There are certain occasions to consider when taking your Shih Tzu’s attachment into account. The most important thing is to confirm their mental security and make sure that they’re happy, healthy, and well-adjusted.

So, if you’re curious about your Shih Tzu’s attachment to one special person or just want to learn more about this adorable breed, join us and let’s dive in! With a little understanding and some helpful tips and tricks, you can help your furry friend feel loved, secure, and happy.

Why do most Shih Tzus bond with one person?

We consider Shih Tzus as a kinda little breed, but their personalities are very influential and questionable. Most of the time, they are highly independent and try to acclimate well in numerous predicaments.

That’s why I told you they are a tiny breed, but Shih Tzus have a remarkable individuality.

When we regard their nature, they have been born friendly and playful. Not only that but also they are very calm and clever when they are doing outdoor activities.

That’s why Shih Tzus get connected to one person. Their intelligence level is awe-inspiring.

Therefore they can make quick decisions while they are dealing business with others. So why do most Shih Tzus bond with one person? There might be several reasons. Will see.

In my personal view, Shih Tzus get attached to the person who always takes care of them and being with them. Am I correct? We call it physical tenderness. Take a metaphor as your personal fondness.

Who do you associate with most? I’m sure that the person who takes care of you more is your attachment. That’s how to do it. Shih Tzus has the same flavor.

Shih Tzus gets connected to the man who is the beginning of all fortunate things. When we assume for his/her side, that’s very honest.

On the other hand, every dog has a favorite person in the family. When Shih Tzu lives in an extended family, he/she might have numerous precious persons.

Through those favorite persons, he/she will prefer the most affectionate one. Shih Tzus get a superfluous attack on the person who is with him/her most.

What are the things that Shih Tzu considers when he/she chooses a favorite person? It is important to note that if you and your Shih Tzu have the same personalities, such as activeness and energy, your Shih Tzu will definitely get attached to you.

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What are some ways to create a good bond between the owner and the Shih Tzu?

Every dog owner hopes to get a special privilege from their dogs. That is kinda a mental necessity. Some owners don’t like to attach their dogs to others. This is a problem of sensitivity and bear.

Don’t worry. There are plenty of methods to get your Shih Tzu’s attached to you. Lemme clarify one by one.

Exercise together

How often do you exercise with your Shih Tzu buddy? At least twice a week?

My personal view is that you have to do plenty of exercise with your Shih Tzu buddy because doing fitness activities can break the mental and physical gap between you and your dog. How can it happen?

You will be able to use up an extra period for being with your Shih Tzu buddy. As a result, both of you can make a good understanding wall.

Spending time with your dog

How this point is helpful to generate a good union between you and your Shih Tzu buddy. More time spends with the dog can upgrade the emotional bond between both you and your dog.

Playing some games, doing exercises, training, walking, and conveying your experiences are some of the movements you can commit with your buddy.

In time to come, your Shih Tzu buddy will get attached to you well.

Touch the body

The touching body can build love hormones inside your dog’s body.

This thing has been confirmed by animal scientists. It can wipe out all the barriers and boundaries between you and your Shih Tzu buddy.

Well, well, What a great combination. You will see how it works soon. Your Shih Tzu buddy will get attached to you step by step. If you do all the things precisely, you will be Shih Tzu’s favorite person.

Paying attention

You will realize how important this point is. As an innocent dog breed, Shih Tzus are interested in getting attention from their masters.

Either you or your family members should keep the attention towards the Shih Tzu buddy unless they might get disappointed.

You have no alternative to joining your dog’s silly athletics. If you disappoint your Shih Tzu buddy, he/she will refuse you for a long time. Because of it, you will not be able to generate a sufficient bond with your Shih Tzu buddy.

Communicate clearly

If you hope to get a Shih Tzu buddy and wanna know how to keep a good bond with him/her, or you already have a Shih Tzu puppy, and you just wanna bond a little bit more, this will be a good opportunity.

Petting your Shih Tzu buddy while watching tv or using your mobile phone is not bad, and it can be an indispensable blessing. Conversely, you can go hiking, camping, and going on adventures with your Pup as well.

Teach new party trick

These tricks can be categorized as playful and funny methods. You have to take your Pup to you and do some tricks such as kissing, commanding, handshaking, etc.

Try to teach bark on commands, rollover, high five, and dance. Even though these tricks are simple and easy, you can build an incredibly fun time with your puppy.

Mental stimulation

All your plans and arraignment will be destroyed if your dog doesn’t have a good mental condition.

This issue directly affects the partnership between you and your Shih Tzu buddy. Therefore you have to keep an eye on their body language and do brain drain exercises as well.

Besides the above suggestion providing puppy treats

  • Giving nutritional foods.
  • Socialization.
  • Keeping eye contact.
  • Trying to learn their language

are the facts that we should be concentrating on

What are some ways the Shih Tzus will show their close bond?

When considering the past few decades, animal scientists have done so much research to solve this mystery, and they found dogs have the same brain structure that generates emotion in humans.

When we think about Shih Tzu’s side, wagging tail, nervousness, barking are some of the evidence. Is that all? No. If you keep attention to your Shih Tzu buddy, you can find plenty of proof like this.

Note: Although your Shih Tzu and you have a strong bond, there are some circumstances where the dog becomes afraid of you. A good example of this is that some dogs are afraid of their owners after surgery.

Your Shih Tzu yawns with you

Regarding the behavior patterns, Shih Tzus yawns for many reasons, but this one is a  little different. They usually do it when they get stressed and bored. If your Shih Tzu yawns when you do it, it is a form of social bonding.

Cuddle up with your after feeding

Is your Shih Tzu trying to do this? It’s because he/she doesn’t look at you like a feeding machine. They wanna know that they love you more than the daily meals.

Brings you its favorite toys

This is one of the ways to prove their commitment to you. They give their most valuable toys because they trust you and build up the union between you and Shih Tzu.

Don’t refuse them, be glad to your pooch and admire them. Keep it as a prize. So, if your Shih Tzu brings you its favorite toys, chances are you are the most famous person of your loving pooch.  

Letting you touch their head

Usually, Shih Tzus don’t like it that much because they consider it a threat. Get down their level and under the chin after you can grab his/her heal smoothly. If your Shih Tzu buddy lets you do it, you are the special one.

Sleeping on your cloths

This is kind of a headache, but the sweet side is this is the way they show their attachment towards you. Because your clothing has your scent on it, they always feel close to you. The most clothes they use are your socks and shoes. 

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Wagging the tail

At what time does your Shih Tzu buddy wag the tail? When they become nervous, curious or aroused, and aggressive.

When they are going to tell you something, Shih Tzus wagtails. Not only that but also when they wanna close to you, they do wagtails.

How to teach your Shih Tzu to make bonds with more than one person?

How is your Shih Tzu buddy dealing with your family members? Keep him/her with your family for a while and investigate how you will understand the problems and solutions when your puppy stays with others.

You can take a rest for a moment and let your others feed, walk, treat, and bathe your Shih Tzu buddy.

Let both your puppy and your family close to each other step by step. Mutual understanding is a compelling case during this setting.

Beginning of this session, your family members should prevent from being rough. Show the lack of patients and sympathy.

Drawbacks of Shih Tzu being overly attached or bond with one person?

To tell you in brief, being your dog one-person is not a harmful thing, but if he/she tries to cross the limit, it will be a problem for both you and your Shih Tzu.

When you are not at home for a long time, your puppy cannot bear it because of this one-person stuff. Therefore your Shih Tzu buddy will become sick. Stress and anxiety are the main mental threats.

And also, he/she can be aggressive. No one can control your one-person Shih Tzu puppy without you. Is that a good thing? I don’t think so.

Things to be aware of

Being harsh

Under this circumcision,  you have to be more patient with your Shih Tzu buddy.

Being harsh affects their mental stimulation. Most probably, they will refuse their owner because of these psychological and physical abuses. It will scratch your and your Shih Tzu buddy’s bond.

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This tiny little breed is very sensitive and emotional while they stay with their owners. Only they expect love, affection, and attention from their masters.

When they try to cross their borders, you can use simple strategies instead of punishments. It gives terrible experiences for your Shih Tzu buddy.

Difficult training methods

Every dog breed has its own training abilities. The elders’ ability level is better than the younger ones. Everyone does not have the same level of energy.

In this context, you have to be careful and limit some methods because your puppy will become bored and tired. Eventually, the bond between you and your Shih Tzu buddy will be reduced. 

Don’t let them overreact

While training, walking, feeding, and playing, they might overreact because of their happiness. They shouldn’t forget who is the alpha here.

If you refuse this behavior, your dog will not stay under your control. Don’t lose your demand if you wanna train your puppy well.


Having a dog is not an easy thing, so you have to consider various issues and awareness. Getting attached to a Shih Tzu buddy is not very difficult. One-person dogs are straightforward to handle.

That’s why the majority of owners get used to training their dogs as one person. However, I hope that the details I have mentioned will help you to solve every matter.