Read This If Your Boyfriend Won’t Let Your Dog In His House

My boyfriend didn’t let my dog in his house, which was a massive problem. Here I’m going to tell you how I dealt with it. I’m sure it will be beneficial for you. So let’s move.

Your boyfriend won’t let your dog in his house because he is not a dog person, he may have allergies, he may have had bad experiences with dogs before, he doesn’t want to his stuff to get destroyedby the dog, or he thinks dogs are annoying.

So you see, now you clearly know why this happens.

Although you know why your boyfriend won’t let your dog in his house, there is more to be concerned about. What you have to do is keep reading this for more vital details.

Why doesn’t your boyfriend let your dog into his house?

Your dog is your bosom friend, your child, and you’re trustworthy. Dogs never give us fake love, care, and affection. So people get used to adopting dogs because of the above reasons.

Dogs have the power of healing, making us happy, and such. At a time like that, how should you tolerate it if your boyfriend doesn’t let your dog in his house?

It is a highly heartbreaking situation. That’s not even fair. Do we know we have human rights? Before you drop your boyfriend, let’s see why he won’t let your innocent buddy in his house.

1. Because he is not a dog person

Yes, you are a dog person now. Although you are a dog person, your boyfriend might not be very close to dogs. At a time like that, what should you do?

Being not a dog person is not his problem. Everyone doesn’t love animals, and we can’t expect someone to be exactly like you and have the same feelings.

So my advice is to discuss your likes and hopes when you are trying to date a guy. So you can see whether he is good for you or not. That is better.

2. He may have some allergies

Some people are allergic to dogs. If this is the case, they are in a pickle because they have to suffer a lot on account of the dog, both mentally and physically.

Under those circumstances, you cannot really blame your boyfriend because, in this condition, he is very innocent, and he cannot do anything to do about it. So you can’no’t just drop your boyfriend without making sure he actually does have an allergic condition.

3. He may have bad experiences

Having bad experiences with dogs makes you afraid of dogs anytime. Check whether your boyfriend has that kinda experience or not.

When a dog attacks someone or just thinks about you, what would happen if a dog attacked you? You will never try to do any risky thing with a dog again. Hold your horse for a while before deciding because everything has a solution.

4. Because your boyfriend loves his hard earn money

Have you seen how dogs can destroy carpets, cars, couches, beds, furniture, sofas and such? So your boyfriend may be afraid of that incident. I’m not defending your boyfriend.

I’m talking according to my experience. But don’t worry, I’ll give you some solutions too. Sometimes people are selfish in protecting their vital things.

But this is not fair, you know, right? Don’t get me wrong, I’m just explaining why this happens. Be patient and keep reading until the end.

5. Because he thinks dogs are annoying

Can people think like this about innocent dogs? Yes, why not. Especially if your boyfriend has previous bad experiences, they might feel like that.

Some don’t like it when a dog runs here and there in their house and leaves their hair everywhere, and also, some people hate the smell of dogs.

Sometimes dogs bark continuously. For a dog person like us, it is ok. I am saying this may be a reason your boyfriend won’t let your dog enter his house.

How to convince your boyfriend to be comfortable with the dog

Are you sitting on the fence thinking about whether your boyfriend is comfortable with your dog? Everything will be fine if he has no problem with your innocent pooch.

Unfortunately, we have to work hard for that. It will be a victory if you can convince your boyfriend to be comfortable with the dog.

Because you have no alternative to convincing your boyfriend to be comfortable with the pooch. Dumping your boyfriend is not the only solution you have. Let’s see how you can convince your boyfriend to be comfortable with your dog.

So you can tell him the benefits of having a dog, show him cute pictures of dogs, talk openly, tell him how secure you are when you have a dog, explain how dogs help to stimulate your mental health and show some cute videos of your dog.

  1. Explain to him the benefits of having a dog.

Actually, having a dog is good for you. So if you can convince yourself of the importance of the dog to your boyfriend in a decent manner, that will be great. Otherwise, he will not understand his own. Just help him to understand everything.

  • Show him cute pictures of dogs.

Dogs are good at taking attention and sympathy from us. Let your boyfriend know how much you attach to your innocent little buddy. Let him know how important the puppy is to you. If he loves you and is an understanding person, he will never do it again and let you do whatever you want with your pooch.

  • talk openly

What most couples do is, fight without patience. It will be a privilege if you can make a coffee and some snacks for your boyfriend and sit on the couch and talk about this problem slowly and patiently. Getting excited can never help you to solve problems. Choose a calm day and a quiet time for tackling this issue.

  • Tell him the security

A dog helps you live without fear because they continually protect us. They can hear, feel and know everything more than us. You know what? That’s a miracle. I think your boyfriend will understand if you explain it to him well. Having a dog is a strength for a family.

  • Tell them how they affect your mental stimulation

Having a dog is suitable for your physical health as well as your mental health. So they help you when you are stressed, depressed, and anxious. So if you wanna tell this thing to your boyfriend and if he disagrees with that, you can call a vet and ask him to explain these things to your boyfriend.

What should you do on your part to solve this problem?

So we have to think wisely. If we can balance both sides, we will be highly successful. So here I’m saying how you can work on your part to solve this problem without damaging anything. So like I said before, be tricky and think wisely. Let’s see what you can do about it.

  1. You know what? When you are more highly attached to your dog than your boyfriend, he will be jealous of the dog. You may think that’s silly because it is just an innocent dog. No, you are not right. When you prioritize the dog, give your full attention to it, cuddle and love to spend time with it, it can be really hard for your boyfriend. He is also a human being. So you have to be fair. He wants enough attention, love, and affection too. So don’t forget to fix a time for your boyfriend and your innocent dog. Although you don’t care about it, it may affect your soulmate.
  2. Keep the vital things away from your dogs, such as antique furniture, your boyfriend’s gaming stuff, and such. Be responsible as a good dog owner.
  3. You can ask for help from a dog behaviourist. They will tell you the way to get a solution. They will discuss this with your boyfriend too. So if necessary, you can give proper training and hire a good trainer for your dog. And also they will teach both of you how to manage life with a dog.
  4. Don’t miss your duties as a girlfriend or wife because of your dog. It is very important to have a good life with your partner. If you miss the things you should do for your boyfriend, he will be highly blamed for your dog. You should be very responsible as a dog owner and as a girlfriend.
  5. Fix a romantic time with your boyfriend, which will help you build your relationship. When your boyfriend sees how you stay with your dog every time, it may be sick of him. In the evening, have a cup of tea and fix some time for chatting and gossiping with your boyfriend.

( Basically, your boyfriend must be very understanding; otherwise, you will not be able to have a good time with him. If he rejects your dog very severely and becomes so mean to you, he is not the right person for you. And you have to think twice. If all your solutions become effortless, you know what to do next. He may have his own excuses but just think about what’s good for you and what you really want….)

Things to be aware of

  1. You shouldn’t argue with your boyfriend
  2. Try to be patient always
  3. Don’t dump your dog in any condition
  4. If he really hates your dog, give priority to your innocent buddy
  5. Don’t let your dog become a victim
  6. Show your affection to your boyfriend as well as your dog
  7. Try to keep your dog clean. Sometimes your boyfriend may dislike your dog just because it’s filthy
  8. If he tries to hurt your dog, pack your bag and go to your place
  9. If he is mean to your dog, he is not a good person to date. A decent person should be very understanding and affectionate to you and your dog. At a time like that, you have to think twice about whether you can spend time with him


If your partner or boyfriend doesn’t let your innocent pooch into his house, that is a massive problem. And also, that’s not fair. Only a kind-hearted person knows how important a dog is in our life. So today, I have discussed why your boyfriend doesn’t let your dog into his house, how to convince him to be comfortable with the dog, and what you can do to solve this problem.

So here, things are clearly clarified for you. We are not here to break up your relationship. So I’m sure you will understand everything nicely. Hope you will solve this immediately and wish you an incredible journey.