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Olde English Bulldogge

An affectionate, loving companion who is very trainable

Olde English Bulldogge

flickr photo courtesy of Cindy Funk

Old English Bulldogge Characteristics Graph

Personality And Temperament

Olde English Bulldogges are loyal and courageous with a stable temperament. They get on very well with children and are naturally very protective of them.

Their normal disposition is happy, out-going, eager to please and trustworthy.

They wear their hearts on their doggy sleeve so if you tell your Olde English Bulldogge off, expect to be rewarded with a hurtful look on your dog's face...and possibly even be ignored for a while until he's gotten over it!

They have much less health problems compared to the English Bulldog so are able to run around and play with children without any breathing issues and they love their family and want to follow them around and be with them all the time.

They absolutely LOVE chewing so make sure you have 2 or 3 toys for your Old English Bulldogge to keep him amused and to keep your furniture from being destroyed! Avoid giving him rawhide items such as bones and pigs ears though.

Otherwise, if you don't want to keep replacing chewed up toys then a good option is recycled tyres which apparently the dogs love. And they last a bit longer too!

You can read more in the Olde English Bulldogge Complete Owners Manual.

Breed History

Bulldogs as a breed were very popular from the 13th-19th Century when Bull Baiting was at it's peak. Prior to this, they were used by butchers to immobilise bulls so that the farmer or butcher could approach it and slaughter the bull without fear of injury.

Bull baiting was a horrific "sport" which was most popular in England. Almost every town or village had a bull ring and a large amount of money passed hands at these events as people would bet wagers.

On the day of the bull baiting, the bull would be decorated with ribbons and paraded through town. Then it was put into the bull-ring and attached to an iron stake in the ground with around 30ft of rope.

Different dogs were then encouraged, one at a time, to try immobilise the bull by clamping their jaws onto it's nose which was the most sensitive part of the beast.

Olde English Bulldogge

courtesy of

Inexperienced dogs often headed straight for the bull's head which usually ended up with them being gorged or tossed into the air.

If they were lucky, the dogs landed on a spectator or were caught by their owners and escaped relatively unscathed from their ordeal.

Unsurprisingly, they were then rather reluctant to go back into the ring for another go!

Experienced dogs crept along on their stomachs, keeping low to avoid the horns and then jumped on the bull's nose when it bent down to show it's horns.

When the Cruelty To Animals Act came into force in 1835, bulldog owners suddenly found themselves with a whole load of dogs and not very much demand. The breed almost became extinct but thankfully, in 1865, dog lovers decided to try to save the breed and so began breeding it.

Ferocious aggression and extraordinary courage was not so much a requirement and the dog evolved into many breeds including the English Bulldog and the Pit Bull Terrier.

Despite the ancient sounding name, Olde English Bulldogges are a relatively new breed.

Their breeding began in 1971 by David Leavitt of Pennsylvania who wanted to recreate the "Regency Period Bull Baiter", another name for the now-extinct Old English Bulldog who was very popular during the bull baiting days.

Olde English Bulldogge

courtesy of

He wanted this dog to physically resemble the Old English Bulldog but with a much less aggressive mentality.

He used English Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, Mastiffs and American Pit Bull Terriers until he reached the type of dog which resembled the 17th and 18th Century dog he was looking for.

Since then, many breeders claim to have Olde English Bulldogges but unless the dogs lineage can be traced back through the generations to the original foundation stock which were used, then they cannot be registered with neither The Olde English Bulldogge Kennel Club, The American Rare Breed Association nor The Canine Development Health & Reform Registry (CDHPR).

Vital Statistics

  • Height: 54 - 63cm (21 - 25 inches)
  • Weight: 25 - 36kg ( 50 - 80 lb)
  • Life Expectancy: 9 - 14 yrs


  • Black
  • Grey
  • Various Brindle Colours (Black, red, brindle with white)
olde english bulldogge

flickr picture from Cindy Funk

Ease Of Training

Olde English Bulldogges naturally want to please you and are an intelligient breed so training isn't hugely difficult.

However, they are very strong so it is vital to have a well trained dog who is obedient to avoid any issues arising.

Use lots of positive re-enforcement for training and keep it fairly short but often if you are training a puppy.

Make sure your OEB is does not think he is above in the pack order of any children you may have.

This is shown by them trying to sit on a child, by them pushing children out of the way to get through an open door before them or by coming in between the child and an adult and trying to hog the attention.

You will end up with a spoiled dog who will begin to ignore commands if you allow this to happen.

A daily walk is advised to help keep up their muscle mass.

olde english bulldogge

courtesy of

You can read more about training your Olde English Bulldogge in the Manual below:


Olde English Bulldogges are less aggressive than their now extinct namesakes - The Old English Bulldog - but this doesn't mean they are a pushover!

They are protective of their family and property and although they are not human or animal aggressive, they are often described as "Non-Aggressive But Prepared".

According to DogFace Kennels in Minnesota (IOEBA Approved Olde English Bulldogge Breeders) you need never worry about your child being hurt by a stranger if your Old English Bulldogge is around!

olde english bulldogge

courtesy of


Olde English Bulldogges have a short coat and so grooming is kept pretty much to a minimum. An occasional brush is all that's required.

They are average shedders so you won't be inundated with hair either!

However, due to their excessive drooling and slobbering, you'll need to clean their face daily. Especially between the skin folds.

You could try using something like this doggy facial wash available from Amazon (US). There is also an Amazon UK version.

Health Considerations

Olde English Bulldogges tend to have less health issues compared to their English Bulldog counterparts. They should have no breathing problems and all dogs used for breeding have hip x-rays to cut down on cases of hip dysplasia.

Males should be able to sire naturally (no artificial insemination required) and females should be able to give birth naturally unless there are complications, which can happen with any breed.

They are muscular, stocky dogs so lots and lots of running around and jumping is not advised especially for little puppies.

However they are prone to bloating if they eat too much at one sitting which can be fatal.

You can buy Anti-Gulping Bowls to help combat this.

Click here for the best price for this great Bowl!

Famous Old English Bulldogges

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