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Zeus, The Bulldog Puppy

by Melodee Wallis
(Canada Ontario )

Zeus in his sweater age 6 months

Zeus in his sweater age 6 months

Well I have had Zeus since November 15th 2014 and he recently turned 1 on August 28th. He is a very happy lovable dog who wants to be included in just about anything we do.

He was very hyper as a puppy but has calmed down now some but he still has them hyper days where he wants to do what he wants lol.

I have never owned this breed before but I have always loved Bulldogs there's a lot to learn about the breed but when you start to understand the breed you will find they are an amazing dog to own and just want to be loved and included in your every day to day life.

I highly recommend this breed as long as you have the time and love to put into owning them. My boy makes every day better with his silly personality and all his kisses and love 😋🐶

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Sep 08, 2015
by: Janice

Thank you for sharing your story about Zeus, the Bulldog puppy. He is very cute and looks quite handsome in his sweater.

Some people are worried about owning a dog like this, but in reality, they make the very best family pet. They are so people oriented and lovable that some suffer from separation anxiety if left alone too much.

For anyone considering this breed, it is important to know that they do need early socialization and training, just as any breed does.

Thanks again. Please stop back and share again when he gets a little older.

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