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Stormy C

by Jaime C

Stormy C

Stormy C

Our beautiful girl, Stormy, has been one of the greatest joys to have as part of our family. She is an amazing dog, to say the least!

Training her was incredibly easy and her loyalty and affection toward our family and friends is unbelievable.

We are able to take her everywhere with us, trips to the store, vacations, she even travels to Alaska every year and spends her summers on a commercial fishing vessel! She's very well known among the fellow fishermen in Alaska, always ready to greet new people with a nice big slobbery kiss!

She does, however, know when danger is near and is not afraid to put herself in harms way to protect her family!

The only thing we worry about with her, is that she is so well behaved and attractive, we keep an extra sharp eye on her whereabouts in case someone else feels the need to try and keep her for themselves! I highly recommend this breed for anyone looking for a sweet, loving, ridiculously well behaved and attractive new family member!

If you are not willing to reciprocate the love and loyalty this breed will give, then this is not the dog for you, they deserve every bit of love and affection!

From Dog Breeds Expert...
Thank you Jaime, for sharing your story about beautiful dog. These dogs are wonderful but they do need wonderful owners who will give them what they deserve. Jaime sounds like one of those great dog parents.

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