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Star The German Shepherd

by Danielle
(Nottingham England)



German Shepherd Dogs are just the perfect family pet/pack member.

Star is a rescue dog. She wasn't socialised or trained in anyway when I adopted her 9 months ago. But the breed is so eager to please and quick to learn she now walks to heel by my side without a lead. She has excellent call back.

She loves to play with other dogs now and doesn't want to eat my cat! They're really good friends now! She is my best friend and companion.

Star is brilliant with my two children and we wouldn't be without her. She has come out of her shell now and isn't skitty anymore.

Star is proud and confident - the perfect balance for first and foremost pack member and part of the family and she is also a great deterrent to anyone who knocks at the door or peers through the window.

She is so loyal and she is my shadow. Can be a bit annoying when I need the loo but I wouldn't change her for the world. :)

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