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Shaving Your Dog 

To Shave or Not to Shave...

Guest Post by Alex Khan

Shaving Your Dog Makes Beach Adventures more fun for both of you.Shaving Your Dog Has a Number of Advantages, Especially in the Hot Weather

It’s always fun to take your pet to the beach especially when the temperature spikes.

Summer times are best times as you get to wear your best swimsuit, show off your curves, and surf the waves.

Once done, you come out of the water and change into something else to allow your body to warm up naturally. 

What we don’t realize is that our dogs can’t do the same. They can’t shed their clothes like us and have to rely on natural means to dry themselves up.

Wouldn’t it have been better if you had shaved your dog?

It is not an easy question to answer. There are a lot factors to consider before doing so.

What breed is your dog, the length of your dog’s coat, any allergies that it has, and if it is the right time of the year or not are a few top of the mind thoughts on every owner’s mind.

Why Shave?

The Good That Comes From Shaving Your Dog Allows Less Cooling Time:

Whether to shave or not to shave depends on how thick a coat your dog has. The thicker the coat, the more time it would need to cool down if it has been in the water or has perspired.

Another key factor that adds to the conundrum is that how much sun exposure does your dog get? Does it stay indoors or in the air-conditioning most of the time?

If that is the case, it will too slow down the cooling process. In both these cases, if you shave your dog, it will allow its hair to cool down faster.

Prevent Warm Weather Parasites From Attacking

When you shave your dog’s coat, you save it from becoming a host for warm weather parasites.

Fields, sidewalks, and even gardens, during warm weather, are covered by ticks and fleas which can easily latch on to your dog’s coat.

Maggots too can make it their home if your dog’s coat stays wet for longer periods of time.

Therefore, giving your dog a haircut this summer might keep it safe from all such parasites.

Identify Any Bacterial Infections Or Hot Spots

It isn’t just about helping them cool down faster; it is also a matter of improving your pet’s quality of life.

If your dog has been prone to bacterial infections in the past, when it was a pup, chances are that its coat might once again become the breeding ground for parasites and other skin infections.

A thicker coat will make it difficult to identify it in the beginning and have it treated. Therefore, give your pet dog a shave!

Shaving Your Dog Makes for a More Comfortable and Happier Pet

Experiences have shown that pets that have been shaved, especially dogs, tend to appear happier and more active than those who haven’t been shaved.

Their thick coat or fur wears them down, stopping them from fully enjoy anything.

People who have a habit of shaving their dogs every year in the summers have found them to be happier, active, and energized.

They Feel Less Burdened

It has always been noticed that once dogs have their coats removed, their behavior changes.

They seem to feel as if some heavy burden, or hair bondage, has been lifted off of their shoulders, which is a really happy sight to see!

The Final Verdict

It leaves no further room for debate. Shaving your dog’s coat in the warmer seasons is best, especially if your dog doesn’t always live in an air-conditioned environment and when it gets pretty hot outside.

Since its happiness and comfort is of the most concern to you as its owner, you would want it to stay healthy and feel good.

A thicker coat prevents it from feeling that way.

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