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by Sara Sheehan
(Reynoldsburg, ohio)

Christmas Sammy

Christmas Sammy

My husband has wanted an English bulldog since he was a child. After doing research we decided that an olde english bulldogge would be a better fit for our family and we couldnt of been more correct! Our Sammy is now 7 months old and a delight. He's very loving and you can see him thinking with his funny expressions. We also have a 5 lb chihuahua who is 5 yes old and he's so gental with her. They will play tug of war with a rope toy and he doesn't even pull hard enough to move her. He loves everyone and is always eager to please and play. He is doing very well with training I had him completely housebroken by 13 weeks old and taught him to sit, stay and dance is 5 days. I would recommend this breed to anyone looking for a great lovable loyal family pet!

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