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by Abby L
(Grove City, Ohio USA)

My 3 year old is aggressive but only towards me. I wondered if it's females he doesn't like but he is fine even with strangers. He gets excited when people come over but when we are alone he tried to bite me, claws up my legs and arms and show's his teeth. I am not sure why I am his target but it unfortunately makes me want to get him a new home. He's great with my 1 year old but I fear it's only a matter of time until he goes for her.

Janice Here, From Dog Breeds Expert,

It is pretty scary when your own dog is aggressive towards you but not others. AND, not only scary but dangerous too. When you have the well being of a small one year old to worry about, the problem grows exponentially.

I'm hoping someone will be able to comment on this, but I wanted to add my own two cents.

Dogs, like people have histories that may be plagued by unfortunate situations that no one can control. In your situation, you didn't mention whether you adopted him as an adult or adolescent or whether you've had him since puppy-hood.

If he was adopted, he has his own history that doesn't include you and you will never know what happened to him before you came into his life. Something might have traumatized him, or someone might have abused him and now you are the target of his wrath.

It almost sounds like his aggression needs to be addressed by a professional dog trainer, and very soon. An extra set of ears and eyes might pick up on why he is treating you so badly.

I know you didn't ask for advice, but if it were me, I might first start with a thorough exam from a good vet. Ask for recommendations for local dog behavior experts in your area. It's not worth living with a pet that might turn on you at any time. Good luck, and I will be thinking about you.


Anyone else ever have this problem? Please add your comments.

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