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Moody Blue aka MOO (Olde English Bulldoggue)

by Jayne
(Guernsey UK)

Our OEB puppy called Moody Blue aka Moo

Our OEB puppy called Moody Blue aka Moo

We've had our OEB puppy now for 8 weeks. She is gorgeous, loves to play, great with other dogs who she plays with on the beach daily...

She is the only one on this tiny island of Guernsey which is part of the U.K. but 120 miles off mainland UK.

She is the star of the island, everyone we meet loves her. One trait I have noticed is her selective deafness lol.

She will ignore anyone unless she thinks there is a treat involved.

She now weighs 22kg. and thinks she's a lap dog. She has changed our lives for the better and is just wonderful.

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