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Miya, The Olde English Bulldogue

by Emily

Miya looking pretty

Miya looking pretty

Hi everyone!
We have a tri-coloured Olde English Bulldog called Miya! She is brown , white and biscuit (her colours are in solid blocks rather than patches) and she has two different coloured eyes- one which is a beautiful shade of blue and one which is brown!

She is 5 and a half months old and is already such a little character! Owning Miya Pants (Our nickname for her as she LOVES!!! underpants and is forever stealing ours when we're not looking. (The little monkey!)

She is so great as she brings so much joy on a daily basis. She is very very well behaved and already knows simple commands such as sit, stay, wait, and drop.

She is extremely playful and loves a game of tuggy and also loves our country walks around Norfolk- especially when it is to see the lambs which live down the road from us!

Miya is extremely lovable and loves to have a cuddle whenever possible. She is lovely in nature and does not have a nasty streak in the slightest.

She is so calm around everyone she meets and loves meeting other dogs , especially when they are bigger then her!

She also does things that make us laugh every single day without fail , whether it is her sticking out her teeth after she sniffed the rug or running into things without actually seeing them. She's absolutely brilliant and the things we witness her do are absolutely priceless.

I wouldn't wish to have any other breed of dog and I feel extremely blessed to have our Miya..I would not change her for the world!

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