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Mister Stvie Wonderful, The Affenpinscher

by Deanna Lanier
(Columbia, SC USA)

I have bred and shown several dog breeds (i.e., Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Brussel Griffon, Shih Tzu, where I had over 30 home bred champions, and an award of merit at Westminster. I would see Affenpinscher at the shows and through the years made half hearted attempts to secure one.

I could not locate a breeder whose type I liked. Welllll then I had a male puppy who was sired by Ch Bananna Joe! His pedigree is stellar!!!! I got him at 7 months of age so was able to get "the look".

Mister Stevie is now ten months old, compact and one silly clown. He spends a great deal of time entertaining anyone who will watch walking on his hind legs for relatively long periods of time.

He runs fast and loves to tease. He is territorial in the bed with Lucas, a 10-month old English toy spaniel. Stevie thinks he owns me, but likes everyone. He likes strangers, likes rides in the car.

Treats and chewys motivate him to do almost anything. He is so smart, gets anywhere he wishes even though he may have to foresee an alternate route

While he cries bloody murder if he sees a brush or comb, he seems to like clippers, go figure. This breed is pricy (really question why, if yours is not) I currently have: 1 smooth coat Brussels Griffon, 1 Cavalier King Charles spaniel, 1 Shih Tzu, 1 English toy spaniel and a Pekinese.

I am considering another mustached devil. My 4-YO grand daughter took him to her kindergarten for show and tell and he loved it!

These dogs are the greatest and I have a good basis for comparison, My phone is charging and Stevie is sleeping, will download pics at a later date.

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