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Megan - The Valley Bulldog

by Chelsey F.
(Atlanta, Georgia)

My Megan!

My Megan!

Oh my Megan!

I loved her and still do so very much. Today makes it a year that she has passed. She was the beat dog anyone could ask for. Her loyalty and kindness and love for her owners made her great to have around. She was extremely smart even at the time of death; she found a place where we would see her.

My Megan was a special kind of dog and she was always kind to any human that came her way. Although she was dog aggressive, she took our lab/rottweiler puppy under her wing as if it were her own child.

Megan never tried to run away from home. If she ever got out the backyard, she'd just make her way to the front door and wait for someone to let her in. She loved to be petted. She would force her head under my hand or dig or paw into my leg to let me know she was ready for a petting. LOL

She was a great guard dog as well. She never barked in the house UNLESS something sounded or seemed suspicious. If someone came to the door, she would always be the first one down the stairs to greet them.

All while I had her, I was told she acted like a human, if that makes any sense at all. LOL But she did act just like one. It was like having an older sister in the house.

She would have been 10 this year. I miss my Megan.

Valley Bulldogs are the best dogs to have. I know from my experience. (:

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