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lurcher owner

A Lurcher owner interview with Lurcher owner Jonathan Ross, in New Zealand

Can you tell me a little about your Lurcher?

I was interested in your web site and its page on the Lurcher breed of dog. I have one of these, called Wanda. My son breeds hunting dogs, and Wanda is one of the bitches from his last litter. The father is an Airedale Whippet / Greyhound Beardy cross. The mother is a Boxer / Bull Terrier / Bull Mastiff cross.

A brindle Lurcher dog sitting down indoors, in close-upWanda's mother.

Lurcher Owner Interview

I live on the West coast of the South Island of New Zealand, and live on my own with Wanda, my cat Muzza and 9 sheep.

How easy was she to train?

Wanda is 20 months old, and she is a natural hunter of both big game and small, and has been hunting since she was 7 months old. She didn't need much training. She is incredibly intelligent, loyal and obedient.

She is a good guard dog and protects my family, myself and property fiercely.

A brindle Lurcher dog standing on grey rocks, with a dead goatWanda hunting

What is she like with children?

Wanda is great with children, I have 6 children myself, and 2 grandchildren. She loves playing with them, although we keep an eye on her when the smallest kids are around, as she can be a bit too playful, like any young dog.

Lurcher Owner Interview

What is she like round other dogs?

She gets on with other dogs that don't threaten her or us, she can be a little jealous especially with the cat or her siblings that show us a little much attention. Wanda is not aggressive unless on the hunt and is a natural finder bailer stalker, she has put up many pigs goats and deer,

I work away from home a lot and travel long distances daily, Wanda is my travel companion . Wanda is with me 24/7 eats and sleeps with me, and enjoys life to the fullest.

A silhouette of a Lurcher dog in a tractor cabWanda out in the fields

Have there been any health issues?

She has had no health issues to date.

I don't fully trust Wanda with the sheep especially the lambs as they like to run, and anything that runs is fair game to a dog with Wanda's breeding. But I use her with the sheep, to teach her that they are not fair game.

That's my Lurcher story.

A brindle Lurcher dog sitting down by a stone-bottom stream

Thank you to Jonathan for sharing this story of his Lurcher Wanda, in our Lurcher Owner Interview!

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