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Lola, My Olde English Bulldogge

by Neyser
(Atlanta, GA)

My daughter with Lola

My daughter with Lola

Lola is a very loving dog! Very energetic and obedient!

One thing I don't like about her is her shedding and chewing habits(she is getting better though) but having her in my family is a blessed!

I'm a Proud Owner Of an Olde English Bulldogge!!

Janice here, from Dog Breeds Expert.
The best thing that has ever happened to Bulldogs is the creation of the Olde English Bulldogge. Breeders are finally aware of all the problems that we have encountered over the years as we try to perfect the "bulldog." It is wonderful that we now have the option of a wonderful dog with a great personality minus the problems that plague many of the bulldog breeds today. Thanks for sharing your story and your photos. I hope everyone will take notice that they can have a wonderful breed minus some of those skeletal problems that the normal bulldog must endure.

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