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Here is the latest news in the dog world; stories from around the world that involve dogs. Please send us your story if you don't see it listed here!

November 4 2021

A man age 71 years was out walking his 2 dogs in the Lake District of the United Kingdom. He collapsed. The Golden Retriever stayed with him, while his Labrador went off to track down a woman who had passed them several minutes before. Realizing that the dog was very agitated, she followed him back to the collapsed man. She phoned the local Mountain Rescue team, who evacuated the man to hospital.

He recovered safely. The Mountain Rescue team leader described the dogs actions as "remarkable".  He stated that while trained rescue dogs could perform such a task, it was very rare for an untrained dog to alert a stranger, and persuade them to follow.

Here is the story.

A Golden Retriever siting down, amonst a mountain rescue team.After the rescue

Dog helps autistic girl

According to this story from Yahoo Life, a non-verbal autistic girl now giggles and says some words after a Labrador Retriever was brought into the family. Here's the story, with some truly heart-warming images.

Pit Bull Terrier takes on a mountain lion

Rocky the Pit Bull took on a Mountain Lion to defend his family in Verne, California. CCTV recorded the incident. Read more at the CBS story here.

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