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LADYBUG - The Valley Bulldog

by midge
(nova scotia)

Unfortunately Ladybug is no longer with us, she is in puppy dog heaven running through the daisies.

Ladybug was a rescue dog that I had for about 12 yrs. The vet said she was about 3 when we found her. The vet didn`t think she would make it but she did, and she was the most loving and loyal dog ever to walk on 4 feet.

She went everywhere with us, and if she couldn`t go then I didn`t go. We travelled to Ottawa, New Brunswick, just to name a few and other places with us.

She loved to go camping with us and I hardly ever used a lease on her, BUT always made sure I had one with me.

She got cancer in her nasal passage and the vet told us she only had a few months left at most. But she stayed with us for 9 months.

After she got the tumor she was never left alone. Either myself or my hubby stayed with her or I had a baby sitter.

This darling dog was everything to me, and when she had a seizure and could no longer walk, and was in great pain my vet came to our home on Thanksgiving Day. Ladybug was on our bed and that is where our vet released her from her pain.

Because of her age and the fact she would have to go into a kennel in another province we could not operate.

From the day I got her she was never in a kennel, and I can only hope everyone who has a valley bully realizes what a "SPECIAL" breed of dog they are.
The last 7-9 months this girl cost us about $5000.00 but she was worth every single penny and I would do it all again for her.

We now have another rescue dog and expect to get another one any day now.

Ladybug was my 3rd. bully and if I can I would get another one.

Many thanks for reading our burp.

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