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Kaiser The German Shepherd

by Shazz
(United Kingodm)



We rescued Kaiser from an abusive home and never looked back! Although he took a bit longer to take to my partner he loved me from the start. (We believe it was a male that neglected him before)

He's a complete mummy's boy and loves nothing more than having kisses and cuddles! He plays with my 11 month old son and is very protective of him.

Kaiser constantly makes sure he is in front of us and our child when out - We believe he likes to state "They are MY family!" He also plays with our cat!

His best friend is our friend's border collie and will accept any other dog/person into our house as long as he sniffs them first haha!

Kaiser is the best dog I have ever owned and he truly is amazing! He's my best friend and so smart :) He may be 5 but he still acts like a puppy :')

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