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by Charlie

I can't say it's been great. I'm worried. She's very aggressive towards other dogs and has even killed a cat. She never listens even if I bribe her with treats. I don't know what to do to stop her aggressive behavior. She's great with people and kids though. How do I break the aggressiveness?


Hi, Janice Here, From Dog Breeds Expert

Thanks, Charlie, for posting about your dog, Jett. I am glad to hear that she is great with people and kids. That is very reassuring.

Unfortunately, many dog breeds do not do as well with other dogs and some don't do well with any kind of animal. I think what you are experiencing might just be her temperament or inborn tendencies.

Of course that doesn't help the situation. Your post does not supply information on her age, but if she is still really young, you might be able to help her a little through obedience classes. In the meantime, management will probably be your best solution.

By management, I mean avoiding situations where she is likely to come in contact with other dogs. Fenced yards, leashes will all be important. If she loves dog parks, try to find a time when there is the least number of dogs, or avoid them altogether.

Conditioning her to tolerate other dogs will be challenging and time consuming and it will probably mean that she will need to meet new dogs that are friendly and calm, one on one, with a lot of treats from you when she acts appropriately.

Good luck. She is a beautiful dog. Please visit and post again with progress reports.

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