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indiana "indy" jones

by Sherry Bell
(pasadena maryland)

Indy snoozing

Indy snoozing

Indy was found wondering the streets of Afghanistan as a puppy. He was in pretty rough shape. Some troops took him in, nursed him back to health and brought him back to the US. Unfortunately they were unable to keep him.

We were looking for a second dog for our family and just happened to stumble across this guy! Indy instantly took to my partner. However many adoption applications had already been put in for him. We threw our hat in the ring anyway!

4 days later we received a call that we were picked!

Still we had 1 more test to pass - How would Indy and our 2 year old aussie get along? I took "Kya" to meet Indy - a perfect match! She is so smitten with him, and follows him like a groupie!

Indy is so gentle and loving. No issues with either of our cats. No family aggression issues but ring the doorbell and he is ready for action! The only challenge is keeping him busy. Thank goodness for elk antlers!!

He has only been with us a few months. He's about a year old now and we are looking forward to many happy years with our world travelled pup.

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