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Harley - My Valley Bulldog

by Liz Mullen
(United Kingdom)

Harley the Valley Bulldog

Harley the Valley Bulldog

Harley is a loving dog that goes from daft to sleep in minutes, he is so loving with our children and loves cuddles and attention.

He is daft as a brush will bark at his own shadow and has a fetish for sleeping on the stairs.

Although he likes to act the clown he is very deceptive and is really quite intelligent and he gets on great with our other dog.

He loves to watch television, and I don't mean just look at the pictures, he actually watches. He put his head down when adverts come on and resumes watching when the programme restarts - anything with animals in, especially other dogs, he will try to climb into the TV or bring them his toys.

I'm from the UK and a Valley Bulldog Breed is not recognised at all over here and I came across your information site by accident and it's nice to know that this is a recognised breed somewhere as they deserve recognition as such

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Oct 30, 2020
Sorry to Hear
by: Richard

Hi Meera
Thank you for your comment - very sorry to hear of the passing of Spike - I'm sure he was a beautiful dog and had a lovely life with you.
Best regards

Oct 28, 2020
Spike my 12 year old Valley Bulldog
by: Meera Sethi

I also had a Valley bulldog called Spike he passed away last week at 12 years old

Aug 11, 2013
Hi Steve
by: Liz Mullen

Nice to hear from you I have replied to the email address you attached to your comment
Look forward to a reply

Aug 11, 2013
I also have a Valley in the UK
by: Steve

Hi Liz,

I was beginning to think that I had the only one in the UK, nice to know there is another one this side of the water.

He is called Stanley, 9 Months old and weighing 28 Kilos,

He seems to be very much like your description of Harley except for the TV, he just seems to find it confusing,

I would love to discuss the dogs a bit more maybe over e-mail and share some pics of them,

My e-mail is

Look forward to hearing from you


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