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by Jackie
(Clinton Pa)

Gray de and her kitten

Gray de and her kitten

Graycee was a rescue who came to us when she was around two years old. She was completely undisciplined and at nearly 70lbs she would knock you over and hurt you every time someone walked into a room. She also was the sweetest thing and starved for love and affection. It took a lot of patience and work but she is a totally different dog now although sometimes she still gets too wound up.

I totally disagree with the getting along with other dogs. She was fine with our two small poodles that were here before her. (Actually she is afraid of them). However any other dog she has come in contact with whether it's immediately assessed as a threat. After we did some research we found that Old English do not get along with other females and only occasionally with male dogs.

However, she loves cats. We had three when we got her and she liked them from the start. We then adopted a small stray kitten and she immediately took over like it was her baby. They sleep together and bath each other

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