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Giant Dog Breeds Page 2

Giant Dog Breeds Page 2 continues with all the breeds that range in size above 88 pounds. They are usually found in the Working Group, and many of these dogs are known for their bravery and loyal devotion and service to humans. Most are highly intelligent, confident and hardy.  

Giant Dog Breeds Page 2:  Truths About BIG Dogs

  • They grow rapidly but take longer to mature
  • Most expensive type of dog to raise (food, bedding, equipment)
  • Usually easier to housebreak than small dogs
  • Usually calm
  • Many are very protective

Giant Dog Breeds Page 2

Giant Dog Breeds Page 2 includes breeds listed alphabetically from D to N.

Dogue de Bordeaux
(aka. French Mastiff)

Often called the French Mastiff (dogue in French means Mastiff), these dogs are the ultimate guard dog, willing to risk their lives to protect their family.

His size and stature make him a natural guard dog, he is agile but not aggressive. This old French breed weighs between 99-110+ lbs  (45-50 kg), and has a height of 23 to 27+ inches (58-68 cm). 

Rarely seen outside of France, the Dogue de Bordeaux made his world debut with the 1989 comedy film, 'Turner and Hooch'. From then on, Americans fell in love with the breed and their popular has risen since then.

These dogs require very experienced owners willing to take the time and patience for training and socialization. They drool, and snore.

Giant Dog Breeds Page 2

English Mastiff

The English Mastiff or just Mastiff for short, is typical of the group of ancient dogs known by the same name.  During Roman Times, they were considered war dogs and by the Medieval period, they were being used as guard and hunting dogs. Later they were used for dog fighting, and bull and bear baiting. 

Despite his history, the mastiff is a good natured, calm and gentle house pet. Very loyal, he is devoted to his family and great with children. The need daily exercise, but coat care is minimal. This is one of those dogs that drool, be ready with a rag.  

Their weight ranges between 175 and 190 pounds and they can stand as tall as 30 inches at the withers.

Giant Dog Breeds Page 2

Estrela Mountain Dog

Giant dog breeds page 2Estrela Mountain Dog

The Estrela Mountain Dog is considered one of the oldest breeds from Portugal. Used to herd and guard flocks in mountainous terrains, shepherds needed dogs that were large, strong, agile, and watchful. Over the years, these dogs developed all of these characteristics and more.

Today they make great companions, but they can be stubborn and you will need to be committed to training and early socialization. They are loyal and devoted to their families but aloof with strangers.

At up to 110 pounds, these dogs may look like giant teddy bears, but they should not be treated as such. They need room to romp and play in a fenced in area and walks on a leash.

Giant Dog Breeds Page 2

Great Dane

The tallest of all dogs, the Great Dane is Germany’s national dog (Deutsch Dogge). 

Like all mastiff breeds, the Great Dane’s origins are in Asia but the dog we know today was developed in Europe.

Once a hunting dog, they are not quite content to be a house dog and family pet, preferring a comfortable place to rest, if not on their owner’s lap. At upwards of 175 pounds, this can be just a little too heavy for a petite woman. 

They are a most elegant and distinguished giant, but if you want large, they don’t come bigger than this. Prepare yourself by purchasing a large home, a large car, big sturdy furniture, and a huge sofa and be prepared to buy lots of dog food!

Giant Dog Breeds Page 2

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Giant dog breeds page 2Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Relaxed, loyal and protective describes these giant dogs that were developed in the Swiss Alps. During the breed’s history, they had several jobs to do, but the main one involved pulling carts. Like all giant dogs, space is a must for the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

They prefer cooler climates but do well with children and are relatively easy to train.  They have retained some of their guarding instincts so they can double as a guard dog. They are prone to many of the health problems of larger dogs and do drool, so be prepared.

Giant Dog Breeds Page 2

Hungarian Kuvasz

The Kuvasz is well known as a Hungarian guard dog throughout Europe. Owners value the breed for its intelligence and ability to act independently while still remaining loyal and protective of family.

Alongside their working aptitudes, they make for playful and affectionate companions especially with his family. They are very protective of their children, but may be reserved with strangers.

You'd better like the color white, because this is the only shade available and at 70 to 115 pounds, you can be sure he'll guard and protect you. Prepare for daily exercise and a fair amount of coat care.

Giant Dog Breeds Page 2

Irish Wolfhound

Standing at 32+ inches and weighing in at 120lbs +, these giants have been prized from ancient times. Having first arrived in Ireland by way of Greece in the 1500 B.C., they were originally used to hunt giant Irish Elk, and then wolves. As wolves became extinct in Ireland in the eighteenth century, these dogs' numbers also declined.

Today they are known as a gentle giant displaying a personality that is confident, calm, sensitive, and patient. Despite their size, they are good with children, pets, other dogs and strangers.

They need plenty of room, especially a big comfortable bed on which to stretch out. They also require daily exercise and a fair amount of coat care.

Giant Dog Breeds Page 2

Japanese Tosa Inu

Rare in the United States and even in Japan, their native land, these giants carry the legacy of their fighting ancestors. 

Today’s Tosa Inu comes from the smaller Japanese fighting mastiffs that were later crossed with Great Danes, Bulldogs, and European Mastiffs.

The additions of these other breeds added to their size and strength and allowed them to reach heights of up to 26 inches (65 cm) and almost 200 pounds.

The males are larger than the females. Their size and strength coupled with their latent fighting instinct makes them a breed appropriate only for expert owners.

Kangal Dog

The National Dog of Turkey, this breed originated in the province of Anatolia thousands of years ago. It was bred to guard and protect flocks of sheep and goats from wolves, jackals and even bears. More recently is has also been used in Namibia and Kenya to deter Cheetahs from farm livestock, with great success.

This is a big dog, standing 30 to 32 inches high at the withers, and male dogs weighing up to 140lbs.

The Kangal is calm, confident, and very protective of its family, and is good with children. However it is suspicious of strangers, and needs early and thorough socialization during all of its puppyhood.


The passage of time has obscured the origins of this breed but the best evidence we have is that they began with a nomadic Turkic people who settled in central Hungary.

A quick look at the Komondor will tell you how uniquely different he looks from other giant breed dogs.  His all white corded coat probably protected him from the elements as well as providing a bit of protection from being kicked, clawed or bitten. 

Komondors tend to be territorial, but calm as adults.  They can be very fast and their protective instincts can be triggered at a moment's notice. He is a calm, self-assured dog that's hard to train because of their independent nature.

As a family dog, he can be very loyal , but his naturally high guarding instincts along with his size and strength make him an intimidating guard dog. 

At 25 inches high at the withers (63 cm) and up to 135 pounds, these dogs are one of the world’s largest dogs.


Giant dog breeds page 2Leonberger

The Leonberger gets its name from the German town, Leonberg, where thy originated. While purporting to have an early beginning, most of these dogs were lost during the World Wars. 

Only 8 Leos survived World War II and all modern Leonbergers can be traced to these 8 dogs. Today they serve as search and rescue, water rescue dogs and family companions. 

They are very affectionate, eager to please, and fairly easy to train.  They make good watch dogs, although they are generally calm and quiet indoors.  

They need a daily walk, but also like to swim and even pull carts. Prepare for some coat care including brushing several times a week.


The Maremma Sheepdog, pronounced ("mare-emma) is an Italian livestock guarding dog which means that they are naturally protective, independent and untrusting of strangers. They are affection with anyone they consider to be family but may be unpredictable with everyone else.

There is some controversy about whether these dogs make good companions. Their parent club in the U.S. suggests they are better off as working dogs living on farms or ranches. With the right owner they can be socialized and trained to live peacefully with a family, but it requires a great deal of work.

(aka. English Mastiff)

A calm and confident breed, the Mastiff is amiable and good with children. The original mastiff-type dogs date back thousands of years, but the modern Mastiff emerged around 1880 and shortly after. Male dogs can weigh up to 230lbs and stand 30 inches at the withers.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Descended from Roman Molossus fighting dogs, the Neapolitan Mastiff has an intimidating appearance with an extra huge head and severe expression. 

At a height of between 24-30 inches (60-70 cm and a weight of 110-154 pounds (50-70 kg), they make formidable guard dogs.  

Although loyal and loving to his family, these dogs should only be owned by skilled owners  willing to take the time to train and socialize them properly.

Giant Dog Breeds Page 2


The Newfoundland dog breed is perfect for someone who wants a large, easygoing dog that can also double as a lifeguard.

These sweet dogs are known to be great for families as well as sole owners. Their social personalities make them suitable for houses with a lot of people going in and out. This breed is not known to be too intense either, making them suitable for most owners including first time dog owners. 

Known as the Gentle Giants of the Dog World, they can grow to be 150 pounds and 28 inches tall at the withers.  They love to swim, so if you live near water, this could be an ideal breed for you, but it doesn't do well in hot weather.

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