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Doing his job!

by Mia
(Palm Beach County, fl)

Some years ago I adopted a Bullmastiff from the Bullmastiff rescue in Oveido, Fl......the dog we adopted was the dark brindle favored by gamekeepers...we named him Boodah as he was truly a gentle soul. day, hubby's brother came to visit. Standing in the back yard, brother reached down absentmindedly and picked up a stick...he raised his arm to throw the stick while standing next to my husband...suddenly, Boodah charged into the back of the brothers knees, effectively "taking him down".....never biting, never mauling, just doing what his ancestors was pretty amazing to see that... wasn't hurt btw, just his pride lol

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Dec 13, 2017
Bullmastiffs doing what they were bred for . .
by: Richard

Thanks for that story! So typical of the breed. When I lived in Australia, there was a Bullmastiff in the house over the road. One day a would-be burglar (who didn't know about the dog) tried to reach inside the letterbox on the front door, to see if there was a front door key tied to a piece of string in there. He got the shock of his life when he felt something take hold of his arm and just hold it! On the other side of the door the Bulmastiff had grabbed his forearm, and then just sat down, not letting go, holding the guy with his arm through the letterbox. After the guy started hollering, neighbors phoned the police and the homeowner, who both arrived after about 15 minutes, and the dog was STILL holding the guy! No bite marks, no aggression, just that instinct to protect with calmness. Wonderful dogs.

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