Dog Training Tools: What’s in Your Toolbox?

There are some dog training tools that are essential, if you want to make life easy and fun for both YOU and your new friend. Are you all set to welcome a new dog into your house? Are you also ready to do some work to have a well-behaved, healthy dog?

Just make sure to get all the essential supplies that will need before your dog comes home!

On this page I have listed some of the BEST tools for training a dog, with a short explanation for each. This will help you to understand more about the things related to a dog’s training. 

There are more than 400 breeds of dog, and all of them have a different type of temperament and different types of behavior.

You DO NEED to be aware of your dog breed’s personality and behavior because it will help you with training and in developing a strong relationship with your dog. 

BUT there are some things that are BASIC.

EVERY dog breed has some basic DOG instincts. These essential dog training tools will help you!

Basic Dog Training Tools for Successful Training

A Dog Crate

A good-quality Dog Crate will give your dog a safe and comfortable bed and place to stay, even when you’re not around or supervising him. It will give your new puppy an immediate “home” where it will feel safe, when you bring him home the first time.

A dog crate is also pretty much the quickest way to house-train a dog.


No dog will ever soil it’s own sleeping area. So if your dog has a choice between using it’s own bed area OR a small area of grass or litter, it will ALWAYS use the grass/litter. The dog learns to look for this type of surface when it needs to “go to the bathroom”.

SO the dog crate is divided into TWO sections: one half is the dog’s bedding, and the OTHER half is a section of grass turf or tray with cat litter in it. Your new dog will learn automatically!

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Dog Treats

Just about the most important dog training tool is  “Dog Treats.” EVERY breed of dog will respond to food, no matter how small the treat. It is a positive reinforcement for correct behavior that will motivate your dog. The most EFFECTIVE way to reward your dog for his good  behavior is to give the treat IMMEDIATELY after the dog has acted correctly. This is SO important.

There are many treat varieties available, and I have listed the BEST ones below.

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A clicker is a really effective reinforcement tool to help your dog learn something quickly;  BUT you MUST use it in combination with the dog treat. For example, if you are teaching your dog to sit, you must hold the treat above the dog’s head, so that the dog’s head comes up and the dog sits – immediately this happens, you must click on the clicker ONCE and then give the dog it’s treat.

You will be amazed at how quickly this technique works, IF YOU DO IT CORRECTLY AND CONSISTENTLY.

Your dog will follow the sound of the clicker every time when you give it a command! Pick one from the list below.

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Dog Leash or Lead

A dog lead or leash is also a basic item of equipment! When you are teaching your dog to walk beside you without pulling, you must start off with the dog walking just behind your knee, with a loose leash.

AS SOON AS your dog goes past your knee, you should turn around 180 degrees and start walking in the OPPOSITE direction. BE PREPARED for your dog to NOT notice, and be brought up short with a jolt as you walk in opposite directions!

Your dog will realize that you have turned around, and trot back up to your knee, in the new direction.  AGAIN, as soon as he passes your knee to go ahead of you, spin around and walk in the opposite direction again. Be prepared for the jolt!

After this has gone on for a few minutes, you dog will learn that if he goes past your knee, you will turn around!



If you are persistent (and consistent) then your dog will learn to stay at your knee on a loose leash. What a nice experience, walking your dog without him/her constantly pulling on the lead!

I highly recommend any of the leashes below;

Dog Training Tools

Treat Dispensing Toys for Dogs

A good-quality treat dispensing toy or device can help to prevent your dog from developing inappropriate behavior like chewing and digging. Dispensing toys like the OurPets IQ Treat Ball and interactive pet monitoring devices like the FURBO are the best!

Additionally, you can also make these toys more exciting for dogs by filling the toys with peanut butter or a few treats.  By doing so, your dog will love the challenge. You can use them, again and again, to kill your dog’s boredom and keep him active.

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Calming Aids

If you have a sensitive or fearful dog, or if your dog has a phobia of different things like fireworks and thunderstorms, there are many calming aids that you that you can put in your training toolbox. Some products are available in the market to deal with the anxiety of your dog and make him stronger. For example: 

  • Thunder-shirt
  • Sprays
  • Dog Appeasing Pheromone Collar, etc.

All these things are designed to calm down your dog’s fear and anxiety.

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Videos and Books

One of the most valuable tools is books and videos.

A good dog book or video/DVD allows you to take dog training advice from the experts, sitting in the comfort of your own home!

Many of your questions will be answered by watching an expert demonstrating a training command on a video. 

Highly recommended!

Recommended Reads

Take a look at my top recommendations for the best dog training books.

Our best Dog Training DVDs

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Dog training tools are essential for dog owners.   They make the job of training easier and fun.  When training is part of your daily routine, you will also be building a stronger bond between you and your dog.  After all,  every owner wants the best for his dog and wants him to learn good skills and manners.

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