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Dog Breeds Blog

The Dog Breeds Blog is my mini-guide about different dog breeds. It:

-- lets you know when I've added a new dog breed to my website (I'm aiming to have over 400 dog breeds!)

-- informs you when a new category of dog breeds has appeared (such as best dog breeds for allergy sufferers)

-- and makes you aware of any other changes to my dog breeds website.

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Dog Care Information

Get all the dog care information you need to look after your dog properly!

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Dog GPS Tracker - which one is best?

Find out which is the best dog GPS tracker - which is most accurate, fastest, and best value?

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He's loveable thinks he's a lap dog sometimes. Always had to be near us, gets so excited when we return home, even if we left for 20 mins. He has a sense

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Doing his job!

Some years ago I adopted a Bullmastiff from the Bullmastiff rescue in Oveido, Fl......the dog we adopted was the dark brindle favored by gamekeepers...we

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Sir Neville Barkus

He came to us a year after we had lost our daughter and we really needed something to make us laugh. In comes the most adorable, sweet and energetic 8

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Best Dog Insurance

Discover the best dog insurance by using a FANTASTIC dog insurance comparison calculator!

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Dog Snoring

Find out about dog snoring - is it normal? Is it a sign of a problem? The Dog Breeds Expert explains it all!

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