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Dog Breeds Blog

The Dog Breeds Blog is my mini-guide about different dog breeds. It:

-- lets you know when I've added a new dog breed to my website (I'm aiming to have over 400 dog breeds!)

-- informs you when a new category of dog breeds has appeared (such as best dog breeds for allergy sufferers)

-- and makes you aware of any other changes to my dog breeds website.

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British Dog Breeds - the breeds that originated in Great Britain

Find out about the dog breeds from Great Britain. Which are the most common British Dog Breeds? And discover some unusual breeds too!

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20 Calm Dog Breeds

Here are 20 calm dog breeds that will be perfect for someone looking for an even tempered, mellow, easy going dog. From large to tiny, discover the best breed for you!

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Service Dog Breeds - which breeds are common?

Find out the best service dog breeds. What is a service dog, and what types of service dog are available.

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Dog Photo Competition

Photo Competition! Send us the best photo of your dog based on this month's theme to win our Photo of the Month competition!

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Gracie is a rescue dog and is pictured here chilling with the birds on a sunny Saturday

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Olde English Bulldogge. Sancho with his favorite cat Canelo...they breathe the same breathe they are so close with each other!

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Last 13 years with her have been truly beautiful, she has sadly left me and the family just 2 weeks ago and im all ready looking into buying another one.

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