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(Garrison, Iowa USA)

Mom, he'zzzz TOUCHING me!!!

Mom, he'zzzz TOUCHING me!!!

I run a daycare and Diesel loves the kiddos! He knows simple commands and is very smart! Loves his firehouse tug toy and can always find it anywhere in the house!

He's very lovey to his human pack! He just seems to understand everything!

We love him so much! The down side is we have 3 other dogs and he thinks he has to "bully" them, and he does not like our cat, and we have to use caution with our words as any "s" sound will readily activate his bully temper and the search will be on! He has the ignore commands temperament at times but then will pout if he gets into trouble lol.

He's a very special fur baby and one should be ready to have a true companion by your side, All the time, he loves his family as we love him!

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