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by Danger Dan
(Smackover, Arkansas)

Dallas Monster at age 6... Claiming his spot on the couch!

Dallas Monster at age 6... Claiming his spot on the couch!

Well Dallas is my baby boy and we have been thru hell and back a few times together in the 9 years we have been best friends! He has never once even thought about leaving my side! He is by far the most loyal and well tempered dog i have ever owned! He is great with kids... my neice and nephews love him to death and climb all over him and have even been known to pull on his tail and he never bats an eye... he just spins arounds and licks them in the face! He is amazing with other animals as well! His best animal friend is a cat that he helped raise from a kitten and now the cat thinks its a dog! Lol He was super easy to train as well... he was completely house trained by the time he was 4 months old and learned to sit, stay, shake, and lay down shortly after that! I love this dog like he is my son and he will certainly not be the last dogo that i own! I highly recommended this breed of dog for anyone that is strong willed and able to be the alpha male because u will need to show the dog that u r the boss and a young age and not let him or her forget it! "Long Live the Dogo"

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