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by Christina

6 weeks old

6 weeks old

Daisy is a seven week old female Olde English Bulldogge who is incredibly sweet. However, she IS aggressive with other dogs, even at her young age.

We have a three month English Bulldog, and we have been unable to get Daisy not to be aggressive with her. She does want nothing more than to snuggle on our laps, and she isn't happy unless we are touching her somehow.

She can be a little bit picky about what she eats, and she will do anything for plain Greek yogurt.

She is stubborn when it comes to certain things, such as learning to walk on a leash. She is more than happy to walk along with us anywhere, as long as she isn't being pulled by a leash.

She is timid with strangers, but warms up quickly, and also remembers people the next time she sees them and the timidness disappears. She doesn't bark hardly at all, except when she is terrorizing the English Bulldog.

She does whine a lot when she is hungry, has to go to the bathroom, or is lonely. She is an amazing little dog. Currently, she is barely larger than a big Chihuahua.

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