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Daisy Flower Doodle Linnehan

by Alexander Linnehan
(Fayetteville, NC, USA)

Daisy likes the snow

Daisy likes the snow

Daisy was brought back from Afghanistan where I found her as a two week old puppy.

She just wandered into my camp and stayed. Since it was cold we made accommodations for her and a few other dogs wandering around the camp area. The dogs protected us from attacks, they went on patrol with us and kept us safe.

I was able to get Daisy out of Afghanistan with the help of NOWZAD DOGS. Great organization. Afghan people don't particularly like dogs except to fight them and I wasn't going to leave Daisy to that.

Since then she has grown into a 100lbs. doorbell who alerts us to all traffic, whether vehicular or foot , around our house. She socializes well once she gets to know them and she is my home security, and my alarm clock. She was about 25lbs when she arrived here and now is about 100lbs.

She get along well with my wife and other dog and tolerates the cats. She has a thing with food bowl aggression that she guards it from everyone even though no one else wants it.

She does well on walks with the aid of a special harness, and Im taking her for rides in the truck just so she can get used to traveling.

She has come a long way and is doing well. She is a big part of my family and is spoiled rotten like the rest of my animals.

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Oct 29, 2013
by: Linda

Daisy is a lucky girl.

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