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by Rafael Garcia
(Green Bay WI)

I Love my Coco. he is great with me and my wife and with friend and neighbors.

However, he loves the dog park, beyond believe until a aggressive dog arrive. You can tell these other dogs are aggressive because they come with muscle on the snout and all kinds of gadgets and a very tight leash from the owner.

I can keep him near with my commands but if the aggressive dog approach he switch from a loving dog to a mean machine.

The bigger the dog, the more aggravate he gets. I am hopping someone can tell me how to control this.


Hi, Janice here from Dog Breeds Expert


Coco sounds like a wonderful dog and great companion. Unfortunately, many dogs react the way Coco does when greeting other dogs, especially those that pose a threat in the dog's mind.

May I suggest you research "reactive dogs" on the internet. I will eventually cover all those topics at this website, but that might be awhile. In the meantime, I think that is what you are experiencing with Coco. Good Luck. Please come back and post again.

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