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by Alan Singleton
(London, England)

Tribute to My Boy Buster, the Boxer

Tribute to My Boy Buster, the Boxer

Boxer's Are Just Crazy & Funny & Make Great Friends. Sadly I Lost My Buster Due To Cancer In His Lung's, Really Heart Breaking. Loosing My Best Friend Nearly Killed Me Also, It Really Hit Me Hard.

Notes from Dog Breeds Expert...

We are so sorry for your loss. Buster sounds like he was the perfect friend. It takes a while to heal after such a loss. I hope you will be doing better soon. I know that another dog will never make up for Buster, but after awhile you might think about it.

It is a sad part of life that we as humans live so many years and yet our dogs only get a fraction of those years. Somehow there just doesn't seem to be much justice in that.

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