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Buster The Valley Bulldog

by Keoni

Buster was my childhood dog. I can't even begin to explain all the amazing qualities she possessed.

She was loyal, intelligent, obedient and loving. She was humorous and so ugly she was cute. She protected her family with fierceness but was gentle towards me and my sister from the time we were born.

She was only a puppy when I was born into the house. Some of my fondest memories are with this dog.

I grew up in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia and can vouch for this breed because it is everywhere down here! They are quite popular with families and working farms alike. A very versatile breed that's easy to train for what you need.

She lived a long happy and healthy 14 years before being humanely put down when her health started deteriorating (back problems, teeth deterioration) that made it hard for her to get around and eat normally.

I will never have another dog like her. She was truly one of a kind and an amazing friend. Truly man's best friend.

The pics of her are of her in her around 12-13 years.

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