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Bucky, The Old English Bulldog

by Margie

Bucky, 11 weeks--1st Shaming

Bucky, 11 weeks--1st Shaming

Bucky is honestly the quickest learning dog I've had. I've had him for a month. He's 13 weeks old.

We've had a few challenges and it's a huge transition having a puppy, but he's almost completely house trained as long as I can take him out every 4-5 hours. He's crate trained.

Our friend who's staying with us realized he learned to sit and lay down within the first two days just by being with our other dogs because when she gave our dogs the commands, he did those two with them.

Since then, he's learned to crawl, roll over, high-five, shake, wave good-bye, heel, drop it, leave it and sits politely to be leashed and waits to be released to eat his food and go in and out of doors.

We still have issues with listening when distractions are present, but he appears really motivated by food and positive attention.

He's an expert cuddler, loves our Boston Terrier and belly rubs from the neighborhood kids, and like any good bulldog, he has a strong independent streak.

He actually really enjoys the scent work training I'm doing with him and I think it satisfies his drive to work. He's starting his puppy class next week.

Bucky is such a lovable little guy and so far I think the OEB breed is a really a great fit for any family who understands bulldogs in general.

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Sep 30, 2015
by: Margie

Thanks! Bucky is still doing well! The teen months are CHALLENGING, but the trainers where we go to school think he's a great fit for the Therapy Dog program after we finish the Canine Good Citizen Test. I'm really excited. He's honestly the first dog I've had that's a good fit for therapy work. He has an amazingly stable and outgoing personality. OEBs are wonderful dogs! I couldn't be happier. I had an English Bulldog for 14 years who passed away before I got Bucky. Another thing I forgot to mention is that he can breathe so much easier and tolerates the heat so much better than my English Bulldog. I loved my English Bulldog, and she lived 14 years, but after having and OEB, he just seems more comfortable in his body and more functional, but still has that bulldog loyalty and affection. OEB is really the perfect balance for people who love the EB personality but want a healthier dog.

Jul 13, 2015
OEB Puppies
by: Dog Breeds Expert

Thank you for Sharing. He sounds like he is doing amazing things at such a young age. What a precocious one you have! Of course, it goes without saying that training makes the dog, so you too are doing a wonderful job. Enjoy that OEB--you picked a winner.

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