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Bosco (Bossy Boots)

by Amanda

Bosco has been with us for a year now. We rescued him last year and it was clear he had been severely mistreated. He had a huge problem with small animals and children (which broke my heart because we have a 2yr old and 3 yr old) but after a little time he adapted and is the most protective loving dog to my sons. He is the funniest sweetest boy and always makes us laugh and surprises us. He is now 4 years old. It makes us smile because he can go from SUPER LAZY to ready to play and running everywhere in two seconds lol. When my husband leaves for work in the morning Bosco makes sure to jump up on the bed and sleep with me and make sure I'm safe. I don't know what I would do if I lost him. He is truly a member of our family.

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