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best masks
for covid 19

When you need a face mask, you want the best masks for covid 19.

Written by Dentist Dr. Richard Mitchell, working with HaloLife.

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If you're looking for a high-quality face mask to protect you as much as possible when you take your dog out, or when you go out yourself, there is one mask that stands head and shoulders above all others. The best masks for covid 19 out-perform N95 masks for safety and filtration.

Best Masks for covid 19  HaloMask

Most of us have become a little confused about the best ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones, co-workers and friends from the new coronavirus infection. The best and most effective measures include;

  1.  Staying at home where possible.
  2.  Keeping at least 6 feet (2 meters) from others.
  3.  Wearing a correctly-fitting face mask.
  4.  Washing your hands frequently and correctly.
  5.  Not touching our faces or eyes with our hands.

Best Masks for Covid 19

So, staying at home where possible means avoiding going out and mixing with strangers. If possible, do your grocery shopping online, for example at Amazon Grocery.

Keeping away from others means keeping a 6 foot gap between you and anyone else that you do not share a house with. And that 6 foot recommendation is the minimum.

Wearing a correctly-fitting face mask will help to reduce or even eliminate transmission of the virus. But there is a huge array of masks on offer. Which is the best mask for Covid 19?

I recommend a mask from a manufacturer that has been around since  BEFORE the current crisis. So many 'companies' and 'mask manufacturers' have jumped onto the band wagon, producing face masks in a wide variety of materials, layers, construction and quality. But the quality is the biggest concern.

Best Masks for covid 19  HaloMask

HaloLife was developed over 4 years ago to help people affected by the polluted air in Bali, and it's mask design was used when volcanoes erupted in Indonesia, protecting wearers from toxic silica ash.

During record-breaking wildfires in California and Australia, its masks were widely used and widely praised. They have even been used in the past at Burning Man, to protect against sand storms.

HaloLife originated in New Zealand, and has had its HaloMask tested by respected American company Nelson Laboratories. The HaloMask can remove virus particles from the air, protecting you AND people around you.

Best masks for covid 19  HaloMask


*  Each mask is available in 4 different sizes.

*  Masks are available in different colors and designs.

*  Patent-pending design with special contour fit that eliminates air gaps that plague paper N95 masks.

*  Replaceable nanofilter extends mask life for safety & value over time.

*  Super-comfortable with excellent breathability, unlike most masks.

*  Revolutionary nanofilter captures 99.99% of particles 2.5 micron size.

*  Outperforms N95 rating (= minimum 95% capture at 0.3ยต).

*  Protects against virus pathogens, mold, pollution, smoke and more.

Best masks for covid 19
Best masks for covid 19 - HaloMask

So, the Halo face mask is the one of the best masks for covid 19. I wear one myself, and I recommend it! Just click on any of the images above to go direct to the HaloLife website.

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