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by Francesco
(Quebec Montreal)

Last 13 years with her have been truly beautiful, she has sadly left me and the family just 2 weeks ago and im all ready looking into buying another one. This dog was caring, loved kids, loved to go up at the cottage and run in the forest for hours on end wasn't aggressive at all witch still surprises me because well over the age of 11 she was sitting at 100 pounds clean. She had a beautiful golden fur mixed in with ginger tips. Quite frankly never seen a dog this color. Im a certain she is Rotweiller but she is not a pure breed
Could you guys help me out theres no I can pass a genetics test now and its really budging me. Also she was very wide around her torso and had white demarcations on her chest he belly was sort of slim and her hips were large. Tail was long hair was about 1 inch 1.2 inches long. Im begging for even abite of guidance. Thank you

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Oct 29, 2019
by: Richard

Hi Francesco
Thank you so much for sending in the photo and information on Bella - what a beautiful dog and we can see how much she is sorely missed. She certainly had a lovely life with you. On first looks we do think there is some Rotweiller in her, however we are just off on vacation for 2 weeks so on our return we will do some research for you.
In the meantime we are giving Bella her own web page on our website and other readers will be able to comment. We have thousands of readers and maybe somebody out there has a similar breed, or crossbreed.
We will get back to you on our return with any other information we can give you.
Best wishes

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