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Bandit Reed The German Shepherd

by Sharon Reed
(Hooksett NH)

Bandit Reed

Bandit Reed

Bandit is My German Shepherd, He is black and Tan.

Bandit has been with me for about 10 Years now. I can tell he is getting a little slower then before. But the thought of putting him down one day is very hard.

Bandit is great with my five children and Carlos the cat.
Yes, Carlos, the two of them are the best of friends. They clean each others ears and body! It's funny to watch.

All put in a nut shell, Bandit, Takes very good care of us, and we take very good care of him. He makes sure that he lets us know when someone comes into our yard, that shouldn't be there.
(BY BARKING) loves his car rides, pool, and yes, He loves to run after the tree rats.

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