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by Keeley
(Great Wyrley Englang)

Me sitting proud for my photo

Me sitting proud for my photo

She is really funny. One day we put her outside so she could do her buisness. Five minutes later I called her. She wasn't coming so I started worrying. I get my shoes on to look for her in the garden and she was asleep in an umbrella that had blown into our garden some how.

She is really clever she knows sit, paw, highfive, bed and lie down. I am currently teaching her to roll over. We love her so much. But she can also be naughty.

She doesn't like being told what to do she thinks we are playing so she sticks her bum in the air and barks.

She hates you pointing at her too. She jumps over the stairgate. We still love her wrinkly face. She is 6 months old today.


Hi, Janice Here from Dog Breeds Expert

Happy Birthday Ace.

Thank you so much for sharing. You have described exactly what it is like to live with a puppy. Puppy antics are so cute and comical and I'm glad you're taking them with a sense of humor.

Since you are training her so well, once all that puppy energy starts to wear off, you are going to have a great gal! Of course you already have a great puppy. Thanks so much for sharing your dog's story with us.

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