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Giant Dog Breeds Page 3

Giant Dog Breeds Page 3 continues with all the breeds that range in size above about 88lbs in weight. This is in alphabetical order, beginning with breeds whose name begins with P and going through to T.

Usually found in the Working Group, many of these dogs are known for their bravery and loyal devotion and service to humans. Most are highly intelligent, confident and hardy.  

Giant Dog Breeds Page 3

Portuguese Watchdog
(Rafeiro do Alentejo or
Alentejo Mastiff,
Portuguese Mastiff)

Giant Dog Breeds Page 3Portuguese Watchdog (Rafeiro do Alentejo or Alentejo Mastiff, also called the Portuguese Mastiff)

The Portuguese Watchdog, also know as the Rafeiro do Alentejo is an excellent, self-confident guard, as the name implies. They are not for the novice dog owner, but for experienced, authoritative owners, they are calm, brave, and ever watchful. They can be stubborn and dominant, but are not considered aggressive.

Consistent early socialization is a must for these dogs and ongoing obedience training should be a priority.  They are seasonal shedders, but require little coat care on a daily basis.  Their exercise demands are not as great as some breeds, but they do need a daily walk to keep them in shape.

As with most large and giant breed dogs, the males are generally larger than the females. Males can average 28 inches in height and weight up to 132 pounds. Females usually stay below 121 pounds, but still a formidable size for a pet. They are a rare breed and may need to be imported from their native Portugal. 

Pyrenean Mountain Dog (Great Pyrenees)

The Great Pyrenees is a large breed of fun, affectionate dogs. They love to be with their family and owners but are not quite as warm to strangers.

Having been used mainly as herding dogs in the past, instinct makes these dogs typically a bit more awake during the night, and sleepier during the day.

They are calm, gentle and do well with children. As with other guardians, they have an independent, sometimes stubborn nature and may try to dominant a less secure owner.

Their average height is 25-32 inches. (64-81 cm)  Their average weight is 85-120 lbs. (39-54 kg).

Giant dog breeds page 3

Giant Dog Breeds Page 3


No list of giant dog breeds would be complete with mentioning the Rottweiler. 

These dogs have a long history and it is said they accompanied Roman armies all over the Alps, herding livestock, guarding, and pulling carts.

By the twentieth century, they were given a new job, that of a police dog.  While not as big as some on this list, their size, and strength warrants mentioning.

They are intelligent and loyal with strong protective instincts. 

Training and socialization at a very young age is a must and owners who take charge as the alpha are the most successful.

Rottweilers generally do well with children, but supervision and teaching children to respect dogs is very important especially when it comes to Rottweilers. 

They are approximately 22 to 27 inches at the withers and can be between 85 and 130 pounds full grown.

Giant dog breeds page 3

Giant Dog Breeds Page 3

Russian Black Terrier
(Tchiorny Terrier)

Giant Dog Breeds Page 3Russian Black Terrier (Tchiorny Terrier)

Despite their name, these dogs are not true terriers, but rather intelligent, independent guard dogs. In the U.S., they are still a very rare breed, so them may be hard to find.  

These "Black Pearls of Russia" are people oriented, very loyal and enjoy the company of children.  They are aloof with strangers and may have problems with other dogs.

You have one choice of color as the name implies and their coat does require some work. At 30 inches at the withers and up to 140 pounds, there are few intruders that will get by these guards.

They do best with firm consistent owners who have had a decent amount of experience around dogs. They are easy to house train as most large breeds are, but being on the stubborn side with an independent streak, they make take a little longer to accept your authority. 

Giant Dog Breeds Page 3

Saint Bernard

Descended from mastiff dogs that migrated through Switzerland during  Roman times, the Saint Bernard is considered the world’s largest dog, if not the tallest. 

These muscular dogs were used as draft animals, able to pull heavy loads on icy slopes.

Mostly docile, good natured and loyal, they relate well to children and make decent if not huge family pets. 

With a weight at upwards of 175 pounds (80 kg) and a height of 27 to 31 inches (65-80 inches), these dogs require gentle but firm owners with a big house.

Giant dog breeds page 3

Giant Dog Breeds page 3

Scottish Deerhound

Despite his great size, these giants won't guard your house, or even serve as a watchdog. You might not be able to get them to play tug of war or fetch with them, so what is it that makes them so different?

They are scent hounds, born to run, and one of these dogs in motion is a sight to see. They need plenty of room to do what they love to do, but be sure it is a well fenced in area otherwise you may never see your Deerhound again, because they have an extremely strong prey drive.

They love their family and are generally fine with children and other dogs. They are even happy to see strangers. Expect to spend time socializing and exercising them, but their coat care is not extensive. At 32 inches and 110 pounds, if you want a giant dog that will greet strangers with friendliness, this is your dog!

Giant dog breeds page 3

Giant Dog Breeds Page 3

South Russian Sheepdog

This breed goes by many different names depending on where you are in the world: loujnorousskaïa Ovtcharka,  Ukrainian Ovcharka,  Yuzhak,  South Ukrainian Ovcharka, South Russian Shepherd Dog, Yuzhnorusskaya Ovcharka.

This is the most biddable of all the Russian Sheepdogs and not to be owned by the faint of heart. They are loyal and good with children but require a great deal of exercise and room to move.  

Though known world-wide, this breed is rarely seen outside of Russia.  They weigh in between 110 and 140 pounds.

Giant Dog Breeds Page 3

Spanish Mastiff

Giant Dog Breeds Page 3Spanish Mastiff

This rarely seen breed arrived in Spain over 2000 years ago by Phoenician traders.  Also called Mastin de Extremadura or Mastin de la Mancha.

The Spanish Mastiff has been protecting livestock from wolves for over 600 years but today, most of these dogs serve as guardians for families and homes.  Males can be aggressive with other dogs, but generally do well as a family companion.

At 121 -154 pounds (55-70 kg) and 28 to 32 inches (72-82 cm), these Spanish Dogs can be a formidable guard that requires extensive training and early socialization.

Giant Dog Breeds Page 3

Tatra Mountain Sheepdog

Giant Dog Breeds Page 3Tatra Mountain Sheepdog or Owczarek Tatranski

There are several very large white mountain dogs that originate in Central Asia, but the Tatra Mountain Sheepdog is the largest. Also known as the Owczarek Tatranski or Polish Tatra Mountain Sheepdog, these dogs were used to guard flocks and pull carts.  They are independent by nature, but bond very closely with people.

They are gaining in popularity in Poland and elsewhere in Europe but very rare outside of these areas. Grooming and Training require some time and don't expect to get these dogs in any color other than white.

They are between 99 and 152 pounds (30-52 kg) and 26-30 inches high (66-75).

Giant Dog Breeds Page 3

Tibetan Mastiff

The father of all Mastiffs, the Tibetan Mastiff is the largest of the many mastiff breeds weighing in at between 141 and 180 pounds (64-82 kg.). 

They are considered to be a primitive dog (meaning they only have one estrus per year as opposed to the normal two of most dog breeds). They are highly intelligent and very independent. These two personality traits translate into this: They learn commands quickly, but decide for themselves whether they will do what you ask.

Once a giant livestock guarding dog in the Himalayas, today's dogs are easier going, if not just a little aloof. 

Still retaining a strong protective instinct, they enjoy a cool climate and make a good family pet.

Giant dog breeds page 3

Giant Dog Breeds Page 3

Tosa Inu

These giant Japanese fighting dogs descended from smaller breeds that were selectively bred larger in size by mating them with European breeds such as the Great Dane. Males are much larger than the females, sometimes almost double their size. 

They are aggressive with other dogs unless socialized early and continually.

At between 110-198 pounds (50-90 kg) and 24-26 inches (62-65 cm) the Tosa Inu requires considerable time to train, but grooming is fairly minimal. These are not the dog for novice or even somewhat experienced owners. 

Giant dog breeds page 3

Giant Dog Breeds Page 3

Turkish Akbash

The Turkish Akbash goes by a variety of names including the Akbash, Turkish Sheepdog, Akbas, Coban Kopegi.  Like other livestock guardians, the Akbash is calm, strong and independent.  It is a working dog that takes its job very seriously and will defend his charges to the death if need be.

They make excellent livestock guardians and have been know to guard a wide variety of animals including sheep, goats, horses, cattle, poultry and even llamas. They are used in the western states of the U.S. to guard against coyotes and even bears.

It is debatable if they make a good companion dog without a job to do. It takes a special kind of highly experienced owner if these dogs are to do well as a family pet. At 90-121 pounds (41-55 kg) and a whopping height of up to 34 inches (86 cm) they can make a formidable guard to protect you.

Giant dog breeds page 3

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