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About Me

About me . . . Hi, I am Richard, and I want to welcome you to my website, Dog Breeds Expert.  I am the face and voice of this site and I am so glad you dropped by!

If you are here, you probably love dogs as much as I do, and want to learn more about a particular breed you are interested in - would that breed be right for you?

It depends on your own circumstances, and your experience with dogs.

A bit more about me - in the photos below we are taking out some dogs from a local dog shelter in Spain during the covid lockdown, May 18 2020, for a much-needed walk. These guys loved it! We lived in Spain from 2008 to May 2021.  We have now moved to the Marlborough region of South Island, New Zealand, and continue to update this website regularly!

About meTaking local dog shelter dogs out for a walk
About meLocal shelter dog out for a walk

And below is an older photo of me having an afternoon snooze with a friend's American Cocker Spaniel.

About Me - Dog Breeds ExpertMe asleep with a friend's spaniel.

Perhaps you just want to learn more about all the purebred dogs of the world, and even something about the many hybrid breeds that are available. 

Did you know that there were over 400 + breeds listed by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale?

If you are interested in a new canine companion, knowing what to expect from a particular dog breed is very important. You want to have the MAXIMUM fun from your dog, with the least hassle.

About Me

Knowing as much as possible about a breed BEFORE you buy will make your decision much easier, and result in a much higher chance of a successful relationship with your new buddy.

Sadly many dogs end up in shelters because their owners did not understand them.  Often these owners just didn't do their "homework" before adopting or purchasing their dog.

About me - Dog Breeds ExpertMy young son with the family Rhodesian Ridgeback, who weighed over 90lbs.

I hope to help everyone who visits this site understand how important it is to research a breed first to be sure they are compatible. 

All puppies are adorable, wouldn't you agree?  Many people see a cuddly puppy and forget that the puppy will grow into an unruly adolescent and then an adult who may be hard to manage if the owner hasn't taken the time or made the effort to train the dog correctly, according to it's breed.

About Me

Here is where we come in. You see, we've been dog lovers for our whole lives, and have owned many dogs between us. Big ones, little ones, fluffy ones, wiry ones - there is something irresistible about every dog!

About Me - Dog Breeds ExpertMy labrador, Seamus, in the Austrian Alps.

I have personally owned 2 Labrador Retrievers, and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. My partner Mogsy has owned Lurchers and Cocker Spaniels, and we have both looked after various other breeds for friends during holidays, such as German Shepherds, a Boxer/Great Dane cross, and various small dogs.

About Me - Ziggy the Great Dane/Boxer crossZiggy the Great Dane/Boxer cross

So we have loads of experience with dogs!

We have also engaged the help of breeders, dog professionals and vets in various pages of this website, to make sure we give you accurate and safe information.

I want to help you find the RIGHT BREED for YOU!

I hope you find my website educational and useful. Remember, a dog is for life!

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