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by Jenee
(Carencro, La)

We have a 9 yo with autism and she has become his protector.

He can't go outside without Lyria whining at the door to be let out and her running from one window to the next trying to make sure he is OK.

My sister was joking and grabbed his tummy and Lyria jumped on him and layer down then growled at my sister because she made our son scream, she thought he was being hurt.

She is very loving and loyal to our family. She thinks she is the baby and for intensive purposes, she is! It took about two months to train her.

We had men over fixing our septic system while my husband was gone and she walked along my side and sat when I told her to and when I said "kennel" she knew she had to walk back to the house with me.

I sat outside for a while and she sat next me never bothering the men that were working. When they got close she got up and came sit next to me and put herself between the stranger and me.


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