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Comments for Harley - My Valley Bulldog

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Aug 11, 2013
Hi Steve
by: Liz Mullen

Nice to hear from you I have replied to the email address you attached to your comment
Look forward to a reply

Aug 11, 2013
I also have a Valley in the UK
by: Steve

Hi Liz,

I was beginning to think that I had the only one in the UK, nice to know there is another one this side of the water.

He is called Stanley, 9 Months old and weighing 28 Kilos,

He seems to be very much like your description of Harley except for the TV, he just seems to find it confusing,

I would love to discuss the dogs a bit more maybe over e-mail and share some pics of them,

My e-mail is

Look forward to hearing from you


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