Valley Bulldog

An athletic, healthy, affectionate, low-maintenance Bulldog

Valley Bulldog

Personality And Temperament

The Valley Bulldog is a loyal, intelligent, affectionate dog with a good sense of humour and an excellent, stable temperament. They are get on with other dogs, are non-aggressive and are natural guardians and protectors of children although they can be a little boisterous at times so a close eye is needed when small children are around.

They can be fun and silly up until the age of about a year then they settle down a little and become more calm and laid-back. They do, however, still part-take in the odd clownish moment when running and playing outside...or even inside!

This breed is rather famous for their mad moments when they randomly decide to bolt around your house at full speed for no apparent reason. When this happens, the best thing to do is get out of the way of the rapidly running dog and just let him enjoy himself and have his “moment” - it'll end as suddenly as it begins!

valley bulldog

Valley Bulldogs are very loyal to their owners and want to be close to them a lot. They are happy to have a good old tussle and belly scratch from them or just chill out and relax in the same room. As long as their family is around, he's a happy dog. In fact, it is vital for his happiness and they can become depressed if neglected or left along for too long.

The Valley Bulldog will look for a strong pack leader so it's crucial that you and your family step up to this role. They bond well with every member of the family rather than just a singular person and tend to be slightly more protective if reared indoors.

Breed History

The Valley Bulldog is thought to originated from the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada where they are still very popular and a common sight. They are mentioned in records in the mid 1990s although it is possible that they have been around a little longer than that.

This rare breed was made by crossing a Boxer with an English Bulldog. Breeders wanted the athleticism and stable, excellent temperament of the Boxer and the unfaltering courage and spirit of the English Bull Dog.

boxer dog


english bulldog

 English Bulldog

The result was a dog which can be similar in looks to either a small Boxer or a large Bull Dog. You can also get a Valley Bulldog by mating a Valley Bulldog with another Valley Bulldog.

The crossing of the two breeds eliminated a lot of the health issues which plaque Bull Dogs such as breathing issues which resulted in a much happier, healthier breed. They are a working class dog used for controlling cattle and other livestock on farms and ranches.

Some breeders produce Valley Bulldogs purely by crossing a Boxer with a Bull Dog. However, both the DDKC (Designer Dog Kennel Club) and the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club) do not recognise these as Valley Bulldogs – they use the term “Bull-Boxer” instead. So it is often preferred for Valley Bulldog puppies to have both sets of parents also as Valley Bulldogs.

Other breeders have managed to breed lines of 10-15 generations of Valley Bulldogs. These dogs are considered pure breeds now and conform to a certain shape and form.

Vital Statistics

  • Weight: 40-80lbs (18-36kg)
  • Height: 12–25in (31-64cm)
  • Life Expectancy: 10-12 yrs
  • Colours:

  • Fawn
  • Red
  • White (solid white not preferred)
  • Tan
  • Brindle
  • Mixture of brindle and any other colour
valley bulldog

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Ease Of Training

This is an intelligent breed which makes training them pretty easy. You need to have strong leadership qualities though as your dog will look to you to show it what you want.

Firm but gentle handling is required as is the rewarding of good behaviour i.e. don't punish your dog for “getting it wrong”: instead reward with treats, cuddles and lots of praise when he gets it right. You will see faster, more positive results.

These guys are excessive chewers and so a few well-made durable toys are necessary to have nearby in order to save your furniture! Or antlers like the ones here from Amazon are perfect!

As for exercise, a brisk long walk is recommended although they also adore running and playing off the lead/harness so they can act the clown a little. A safe area in which to do this is their idea of heaven and they don't mind a car journey if that's what's needed to get there!

They pick up house-breaking pretty quickly too!


If you're looking for a guard dog then this is your man - I mean dog! They are non-aggressive, bark at noises they're not used to and are naturally loyal and protective of their family and home.

valley bulldog

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Valley Bulldogs are pretty low maintenance in terms of grooming thanks to their short, stiff coat. A spot clean is all that's usually needed rather than a full on scrub-in-the-tub.

What does need maintenance though are their skin folds. These folds can be found on the face, tail area, belly and in the lady parts of female dogs. The area inside the folds need to be cleaned and thoroughly dried on a daily basis to stop any skin infections. Skin infections flare up very quickly and easily in this breed so this really needs to be kept on top of.

You could try using a facial wash which has been designed especially with dogs in mind. Very posh! :)

Health Considerations

Thanks to the immensely helpful crossing with a Boxer, the Valley Bulldog is much healthier than his English Bull Dog cousin and suffers rarely from any severe issues.

Depending on the size of the dog's snout and how similar it is to a squashed Bull dog's rather than the more elongated Boxer's, Valley Bulldog's may suffer a little from breathing issues. If they do then make sure to keep an eye on them in hot weather to avoid any danger of over-heating. If your dog does have a lot of Bull dog in him then he may also suffer from other tendencies related to that breed such as snoring and flatulence!

valley bulldog

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Skin irritations are common. They often occur when a dog hits adolescence and may clear up on its own once adult-hood is reached. (So it's not just teenage humans who suffer from skin issues then!). However some persist and it's worth chatting to your vet about a change of diet as this can help. Yeast is often the culprit.

Skin growths and tumours are rare but possible. Over eating could be an issue so exercise is important to stop any excessive weight gain from occurring. May also have a slight to extreme under-bite although this shouldn't cause any problems.

Famous Valley Bulldogs

The Valley Bulldogs Football Team in Nova Scotia

valley bulldog

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