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New Increased Jail Sentences For Dog Owners

Old Bailey

Flickr photo with thanks to Ronnie Macdonald

The UK Government has announced plans to increase the jail sentence for owners of dogs who are involved in fatal attacks to a maximum of 14 years. This is to bring it in line with the penalty of death by dangerous driving.

Dogs who injure a victim could see their owner jailed for up to 5 yrs to match the penalty of causing Actual Bodily Harm. And owners who dog  injure or kill a guide dog can expect to face up to 3 years in jail.

Richard Leamann who is the cheif executive for the Guide Dogs For The Blind said that he was glad to hear of the increase but wanted the sentences to be extended even more.

Mr Leamann said that the murder of the guide dog robbed a blind or partially blind person of their means of getting out and about. Not to mention the fact that the average guide dog costs around £50,000 to breed, train and support during it's working life. The cost of which is not supported by the Government.

guide dogs

Flickr photo thanks to smerikal

The Blue Cross want the Government to include dog attacks on other animals as part of the law.

At the moment, the sentence for fatal attacks is a maximum of 2 yrs in jail and a £20,000 fine. It is only a fine for injury or attacks on Guide Dogs.

Owners who's dogs attack burglars or trespassers will be exempt from the new increased jail sentences.

However, the prison sentance for people who abuse and kill animals is still left at a maximum of 51 weeks and a £20,000 fine. Many offenders serve less than half of that.

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Posted: 1 Nov 2013

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