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Frontline: Has it lost it's flea fighting properties?

Flea prevention is a monthly part of your dogs maintenance program. And I've always used Frontline as I've found it to be excellent.

However, the past few weeks we've noticed an increase in pet scratching and I found a few bites on my legs. If you've read my book then you'll know that we suffered from a horrendous flea infestation almost exactly 2 years ago when we took in a "stray" cat (who skulked off back home after about 3 weeks and left us with the fleas!).

Fleas seems to love the taste of my blood which is very annoying but also very handy in discovering you have a flea issue. Flea dropping and little white eggs were the final pieces of evidence we needed to confirm we had an issue.

So we retreated our pet despite it being only about 3 weeks since the last Frontline treatment. 

Absolutely no difference - still fleas everywhere and I was still being bitten.

After doing a bit of research online, it seems I'm not the only one to have this issue.

A lot of people have been using Frontline and noticing that it hasn't been making much difference to their problem. It appears that the issue may be in the active ingredient - Fipronil to which some fleas are becoming immune.

Luckily, the other market leader in flea treatment is Advantage which uses Imidacloprid as it's active ingredient and not Fipronil so fleas which are resistant to Frontline seem to be unable to survive when treated with Advantage.

It has been suggested that alternating flea brands can help with this as this stops fleas in your local area from building up resistance. I heard that 2 months of Advantage and then a month of Frontline works well but I haven't tried this for myself yet.

We seem to be slowly winning the flea battle in our house. Daily combing of our fluffy pet is revealing less and less fleas which I drown in soapy water (normal water just lets them float around on top whereas the soap breaks the water tension and they sink to the bottom immediately).


I am vacuuming daily to suck up any eggs or larvae and emptying the contents in the outside bin. Pet bedding is also vacuumed and all our clothes and bedding is being washed daily (just incase!).

I have a 4 month supply of Advantage arriving today along with a can of Indorex for spraying the house.

Fingers crossed they all work! :)

Posted: 1 Nov 2013

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